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Catch to Release Review


Catch to Release by Lacey Schmidt Review

Affinity August Cover by Irish Dragon Designs

~Ameliah Faith 7/21/16~


Former DSS Agent Addy owns her own security firm specializing in protecting Government officials from judges to Diplomats.  This time the assignment is much different.  As a favour to a friend, she and her team are to recommend security measures and protection to the quirky lesbian singer and entrepreneur Shay.  Shay is a bit of a hippie chick and wants nothing to do with security and protection, she just wants to do her thing.  The problem is, at least one person has it out for her.  Threats are one thing but now they are targeting her young daughter.  Can Shay get along with Addy enough to get the job done?  Will she take the safety measures seriously?  Will she actually listen or leave herself open to attack?  These questions and more will be answered when you read this thriller.


Oh my goodness!  By chapter four I am already scared for Shay and by the end of chapter thirteen I'm down right terrified!  Even with the capable former agent I'm not sure how this is going to end well for anyone!!  I'm not even half way through the book,  how will I survive the tension and apprehension long enough to finish it?  Yikes!!


So, ok, yes I tend to be a bit dramatic, but really now, this is a very good and technically sound novel!  Addy is a woman I could go for big time.  She's fierce, strong and dangerous with a gun and a kick ass attitude.  Shay is a naive granola girl that, in spite of some really rotten years as a youngster, still wants to believe in the goodness of everyone  She is open and generous.  Both are very easy to care about. 


I loved how this book made me sit on the edge of my seat despite my objections.  The story was most engaging and obviously drew me in rather quickly.  The different setting were vivid and detailed, I liked how I became a part of the story.  I also liked the characters.  Even the bad guy/girl/evil doer (you will find out) was particularly good at being nasty and mean.


I adored how this story ended up everything nice and neatly.  Too often there are stories that leave you wondering HOW the couple gets to the HEA.  This one tells you and it left me very satisfied. This is the first book of Ms Schmidt's that I have read but it will not be the last nor will I wait long to read another.   


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