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Ready for Love Review

Ready for Love by Erin O Reilly Review

Affinity June 7 2016 Cover by Irish Dragon Designs

~Ameliah Faith 6/29/16~


Widowed Kylie is ready to move on with her life.  She takes a job as an archaeology assistant.  Her boss, LJ, is something else.  She is closed off and antisocial at the best of times.  However when she meets the personable and beguiling Kylie she begins to feel things she would rather not.  Its not too long before Kylie starts to feel the same.  The question is how will she break through the thick walls LJ has surrounded herself with?


Ready for Love is a very sweet romance.  I was fascinated by the archaeology parts of the story.  I enjoyed watching Kylie and LJ dance around their feelings.  I liked how the closed off LJ began to slowly open up and after meeting Kylie's little girl, Ryan, she thaws even more quickly.  I loved how the lead characters didn't just jump into bed but instead became friends first.  It was important to LJ to go slow, to be sure of both of their feelings  This endeared her to me even more.  I adored Ryan.  Her cuteness came across so clearly.  She was so open, funny, happy, carefree and loved unconditionally.  She was the perfect segue way for LJ to open herself up to others.  All said, this was a really, really good book and is already in my 'must read again “ pile


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