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Ultimate Betrayal Review

Ultimate Betrayal by Annette Mori Review

Affinity eBook June 3 2016

~Ameliah Ryan 6/10/16~


Another excellent read by Annette Mori


Lara is a rich, successful businesswoman.  Ten years ago she married the love of her life, Sophia.  A few years later Lara opens an office in Seattle where she meets the other love of her life Rachel.  Lara manages to keep her lives separate but a few weeks before her 40th birthday, her house of cards comes tumbling down.  Now the wives know about each other but what happens next is the real surprise.


I honestly didn't know what to think about the book based on the title.  It took me awhile to get into the story but once I was I was hooked through to the end.  I couldn't wait to see what happened next.  Would Lara manage to save one of her relationships? Would she become the partner she claimed she wanted to be? Or would she continue to disappoint and hurt the one who holds her heart, and who is that?  There is lots to discover.


I love Ms. Mori's writing style.  She is laid back and easy to read.   Her characters aren't just words on a page, they come alive as the story goes on.  I really cared about Sophia and Rachel as I became involved in their lives.  In spite of such a deep topic there were bits of humor to lighten things.  The secondary character of Joy was a delight and I would love to see a follow up book with her as the star.


Great job Ms. Mori, Thank you.


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