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Neptune's Ring - Review

Neptune's Ring by Ali Spooner Review

Affinity Ebooks Press June 3 2016 Cover by Irish Dragon Designs

~Ameliah Faith 6/10/16~


Nat and Liz from Venus Rising are back in this new romance by the talented Ali Spooner.  This time they are wanting to open a new resort and want Levi, Vanessa and Cass to be co-owners.  While Levi is on the new island overseeing construction she stumbles across a mystery only she can solve.  If it weren't for missing Vanessa, her life would be perfect.


This is a follow up book.  I read this one not knowing this and I felt like I was missing out on a lot of back story by reading this first.  That being said this wasn't a major problem and it is still a really good read. 


I liked the concept of the story.  Starting over with a new venture, a new love and dear friends on a beautiful, secluded tropical island... sigh!  The amount of detail Ms. Spooner included in the story  is wonderful.  It really gave me a sense of being in the various settings.  While on the island, Levi becomes an important player in a years old mystery.  I adored this part of the book. I won’t give anything away but it was so good!   This is a gentle romance.  Levi and Vanessa are so good together, you couldn't help but love them.  At times you could tell their love was still new and fresh but there were times where it seemed like they had been together forever because they were so content in their relationship. What would a romance novel be without intimacy?  Let me tell you this book does not lack any!  Between the hot and intense sex and the tender, yummy love making nothing is missed.  The ending of the book wrapped everything up nice and neatly leaving me feeling like all is well in the world.  I truly enjoyed it all and cannot wait to read Venus Rising!!!


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