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New Beginnings Review

New Beginnings by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly Review


Harriett, AKA Harry, runs a successful _____ company.  Six years before the love of her Life, a very pregnant Abby died in a car crash.  Harry still mourns her lost lover and is just waiting for her life to be over.  Two days before her 40th birthday she takes a crew of scientists into the field in South America.  There is a potentially life-saving plant her people discovered and she needs more hands on site to do some research.  Nicola, AKA Nicky is the top in her field at the firm.  Before long Harry and Nicky are thinking a lot about each other as well as their find.  There are sexual problems and secrets but they are for you to discover. 


I adore this book, I really do! It was a classic romance with just the right amount of misunderstandings, lost chances, deception, intrigue and love making.  It reminds me of the Harlequin romances I use to read by the truckload before I discovered lesfic, only MUCH better!  There is no need for me to change genders, names, or pronouns of the male lead... BONUS!!


I loved everything about this book, the settings, the characters, the angst, misunderstandings, traumatic events and mystery...pure gold in my opinion.


JM and Erin are new to me authors but I will do my best to read everything they have written because this book is that good!!!


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