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Interview with Jo and Thea from Take Me As I Am


Today's interview is with the popular singing sensation Jo Lackerly  and Thea Danvers, from the book Take Me As I Am. It was a rocky road for both of them to get where they are today. But looking over at them now, it seems to have worked out well for them.


Take Me As I Am


Diana: Jo, what were your first thoughts/feelings when you got dumped in a strange and pretty small town?


Jo: I was angry but relieved. It was time that I moved on.


Diana: Jo, what was your first impression of Thea?


Jo: I thought she was kinda cute but at that time I just wanted a hot bath and clean clothes.


Diana: Thea, same question, what was your first impression of Jo?


Thea: She startled me when I saw her. I couldn’t believe how raggedy she looked since she was a classic beauty.


Diana: Thea, would you mind sharing a bit of your life before and after your father passed?


Thea: I loved my dad but it was hard to live with him and I found myself becoming his caretaker when it should have been the other way around.


Diana: Jo, what was it like for you being on the road so much? Did you ever truly think you would make it big?


Jo: Laughing No. I figured I’d spend the rest of my life going from bar to bar singing. Jo shrugs. Of course there was always that little bit of hope lurking that I’d make it big someday.


Diana: Thea, was the hotel and this town so important to you that you were actually going to throw your life away and marry George? Having seen the man, I shudder at the thought.


Thea: Yes. I was considering it but I have to admit I had reservations. I mean he was so slovenly and smarmy he made my stomach turn.


Diana: Jo, you hardly knew Thea, what possessed you to want to help her out, especially after all that happened?


Jo: I don’t know…something about her called to me to protect her.


Diana: Thea, you had only just met Jo, yet you had complete faith in her and her career…even more that Jo did. What was it about her that made you feel so strongly?


Thea: It was the gentleness and kindness I saw under her tough exterior. I felt safe with her.


Jo: I can say the same about Thea. There was an aura about her that made want to watch over and protect her.


Diana: Jo, it was a rough road for you to reach all that you have. Any regrets? Anything that you would have changed?


Jo: It was a rough road but you have to take the lumps to reap the rewards. Would I have changed anything? Not really for I wouldn’t be where I am without taking the road I did. I do wish I had acted on my feelings for Thea sooner.


Diana: Jo, what was it like to perform the first time after you made it big? Your audience went from a bar full of customers to a stadium full of screaming fans. That alone had to be a real stunner.


Jo: She laughs. To go out there on that stage knowing that the place was packed with people was both terrifying and exhilarating.


Diana: Thea, what did you think the first time you heard her sing, and then again when you watched her first concert?


Thea: I was blown away by how good she was. I mean her voice is so dynamic it makes you want to get lost in it. When I went to her first concert I was so proud of her and all she’d accomplished. She so deserved it.


Diana: Jo, you’re riding high on your success, everything seems to be going your way, then all of a sudden Thea is gone. What was that like for you? Was that when you finally admitted to yourself your true feeling for her?


Jo: It was like I was kicked in the gut. It is strange how you can become so enmeshed in another’s life and be totally blind to it. She shakes her head. Reminds me of song lyrics…you only know you love when you let her go.


Diana: Thea, what the heck were you thinking leaving like that? I know the move let you get reacquainted with your mother, but still…that was a bit harsh, yes?


Thea: It was a knee jerk reaction that I regretted immediately but it was too late to change what I’d done. A shy smile appears and she looks down. I did get to reacquaint with my mother so that was a plus.


Diana: This question is for the both of you. I have read your story, quite a good one if truth be known. On more than one occasion, you two were literally close enough to touch, yet neither of you realized it at the time. How frustrating was that? Do you think it was fate's way of telling you it wasn’t time to meet up again, or was she being the fickle thing we all know she can be and just playing with you both?


Jo: Fates? No. I couldn’t see what was in front of me. Now that I look back on it, all the signs were there and I chose to ignore them.


Thea: I think that fates put us where we are supposed to be at the time. Everything that transpired happened for a reason and in the end we came together just as we were destined to do.


Diana: What are your plans for the future Thea?


Thea: I don’t know. Right now I just want to concentrate on what we have found in each other. The rest will take care of itself.


Diana: Same question for you Jo.


Jo: To spend my life surrounded by those that I love.” She reaches over to squeezes Thea’s hand. I spent too much of my life running from that.


Well, there you have it folks. It seems love and fate work in their own way, and in their own time. Like The Supremes say, You Can't Hurry Love, but sometimes it would be nice to give it a little nudge to hurry it along! If you haven't read this incredible story, I would suggest that you do. Like the book says, 'Follow them on a journey of discovery that will have your heart smiling, blood boiling, and senses entangled in a wonderful romance.' It will be a journey that I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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