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The Illusionist Series by Fran Heckrotte

The Illusionist Series.


First released in 2006, The Illusionist was meant to be a one-time event…but how does an author stop writing about characters they love. Especially when readers want more. After numerous inquiries from readers about a sequel, I wrote Bloodlust. That would be the last…or so I thought. I then realized I wanted to know more about the lives of Yemaya, The Illusionist and her partner, Dakota, a reporter. And what about are the spirits. They had their own stories that needed telling. What started as a single story turned into a series totaling six…so far. The third book in the series, Lilith, takes you on a journey where Hell is not what you think, the devil nothing like you ever imagined.  If you think Yemaya is hot, Lilith will set you on fire. The fourth book in the series is Les Gris, the Shadow People. Remember your imaginary childhood friend? Maybe he or she wasn't so imaginary. Saira is book five. She's a time traveler who thinks her journeys are harmless…until she discovers otherwise. The final book in the series is The Warrior Demoness. The title says it all.


The Illusionist Series has been out-of-print for several years now. For those who have read the series, nothing has changed except the fine-tuning of each storyline. The 'fluff' of my inexperienced writing was removed, the stories copyedited by Cindy Burke and the covers created by Patty G. Henderson. And let me say that I love the new covers. They capture the essence of their stories.


Those interested in reading the entire series, please consider purchasing through Affinity eBook Press.   The timetable for release is as follows:

The Illusionist                               Released October 23

Bloodlust                                      Release date Mid-December

Lilith                                             Release date Late January

Les Gris, The Shadow People     Estimated release date March 2016

Saira                                            Estimated release date June 2016

The Warrior Demoness                Estimated release date August 2016


Dates may change.


Thank you to all those who have purchased and written to me in the past about The Illusionist Series. I welcome all emails, comments, IMs.


Fran Heckrotte, author, winner of the 2011 Alice B Reader Award.

Novel Ideas Publishing, LLC


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