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Out Of This World Chapter 1



My name is Mabel Butt and although the story I am about to tell may seem completely unbelievable to you, I swear every word is the God’s honest truth.


I suppose with a name like mine, you think you’d know what it was like growing up, but I’m fairly certain you do not.


It’s bad enough that my last name is Butt—a good strong German name my dad would tell you, but Mabel was the cherry that put it over the top for all those budding bullies. I don’t think my parents intended to be cruel when they named me Mabel. I even heard stories that my dad fought hard against the name—at least he had some inkling what it might be like.


Mom can be a force to reckon with and I guess dad just gave in when I was born. Mabel was mom’s favorite grandmother, and she was determined to have one of her children named after such an influential person in her life.


My older sister, Veronica, escaped my fate—lucky her. She also changed her last name as soon as she was old enough. I couldn’t do that to dad after I saw his crestfallen face. He was so proud of his German roots and conveniently forgot all the names they had called him as a young boy.


The only person who never made fun of me was Sydney O’Donnell. She was my unlikely protector all through school, but she couldn’t be there all the time. If it weren’t for my name, I’m sure I could have blended into the background.


How could I not fall in love with Sydney? She was the only one who was ever kind to me. Everyone fell in love with Sydney so I definitely had no chance to win her heart. She had her pick of the school and I was the fruit left rotting on the tree—flawed and unappealing.


Chapter One


“Hey, Mabs. Whatcha reading?” Sydney leaned her long lanky body on the counter and gifted me with one of her slow sexy grins.


“Oh, hello Sydney.” I quickly stuffed the book under the counter and away from her piercing blue eyes.


“Syd, all my friends call me Syd, how many times do I have to tell you that? You must be reading that book, Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t think you had it in you.” Sydney winked.


I’d been in love with Sydney since the fifth grade, but I was so far into the closet that even the Jaws of Life weren’t able to pry me out.


I blushed at her teasing. “Um, no, it’s not that book.” I sat up and tried for my professional librarian look. “Can I help you find something, Sydney?”


She sighed. “I’m never going to convince you to call me Syd, am I?”


I shook my head. “You’ll always be Sydney to me.” I wanted to add, Sydney, my hero and divine object of hidden desires, but I didn’t.


“Hollie wanted me to pick up that new lesbian romance by Janet River. Do you have it yet?” she asked.


I did have it. That was the book I’d just hidden under the counter but I couldn’t tell her that. “We do, but someone just checked it out.”


“Damn, I didn’t think there were that many lesbians in our sleepy little town. Who checked it out? Maybe I can ask how long she’ll have it and I can get it when she brings it back.”


Busted. I thought of something quick and only felt slightly guilty for the lie. “Oh I’ll just call you when it comes back in. You know, confidentiality and all that.”


“Oh, sorry. Someone in the closet, huh? I just don’t get it. Be out and proud. It’s not like it’s the fifties or anything. No one’s ever bothered me.”


Sydney was one of the beautiful people, popular, confident, and unfortunately, definitely spoken for, not that I would ever have a chance with her. Coming out was a non-issue for her. She just acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be a lesbian and it worked. No one ever challenged her. The fact that she began dating the head cheerleader, who happened to be the most sought after girl in high school, certainly didn’t hurt. They were the golden couple. I thought she could do better because Hollie wasn’t a very nice person, but maybe that was just wishful thinking on my part. I fantasized that one day she would realize she was really in love with me.


“That’s because you’re beautiful and everyone loves you. It isn’t like that for everyone,” I blurted out. If ever there was a time I wanted to be born a deaf mute, it was that moment.


Sydney quirked her eyebrow at me. “Are you flirting with me, Mabel Butt?”


Fortunately, at just that moment, the door to the library opened and the tinkling of the bell interrupted our conversation. I looked up and saw the most astonishing woman I’d ever seen in my entire life. I was speechless and I could tell Sydney was too. The woman had the kind of ethereal beauty that you almost never come across. Little did I know how accurate a description that really was. I wasn’t aware at the time, but this moment would be the spark that changed my life forever.


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