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Interview with Steph and Louise from Against All Odds

Hello again, this is Diana with another…interesting, and amusing interview. Today I am talking to Stephanie Grant and Louise Masterson from Against All Odds. It’s a very intense story about Steph and Louise, and as the title says, there love and happiness was against all odds. As their story shows us, not all relationships are butterfly kisses and puppy breath. But true love, and only a true love like these two have for each other, make all the odds against them worth it.


Diana: Louise, what was it like to fall in love again with the same woman, but a different person?


Louise: At first I wasn’t sure it could happen, Steph was so different than my Stephanie. She gave a tentative chuckle and grinned at Steph.

It was the same person, so what’s not to love right? I did hook line and sinker and the euphoria I felt was ten times more potent because we had been through so much to reach that point again.


Diana: Louise, what made you think you would eventually find her? I mean seriously, it had been quite some time since Stephanie disappeared, yet you never gave up hope of finding her.


Louise: My mind kept telling me to move on, but my heart refused to let go of what I figured was our future together. When you have held that love in the palm of your hand, let me tell you, it was going to take more than a suspicious disappearance for me to let go of that hope-would you?


Diana: Steph, is it ok to call you that, or would you prefer Stephanie?


Steph: Hmm, sure that’s my name. (Steph winks at me…saucy thing!) A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been that tolerant.


Diana: Steph, do you have your memory back completely?


Steph: Probably as much as I want back. Can you remember everything you’ve done in your life?


Diana: No, I can’t. But it is funny how the things you wish you could forget are always around. Laughing


Diana: Steph, are you glad of that, or do you wish some of your memories would have stayed hidden?


Steph: Don’t we all wish that we could have a clean slate for some of our more onerous memories? The answer to that would be of course, but our memories are what make us the people we are, even the bad ones.


Diana: Louise, same question to you, do you wish that some of her memory would have been lost forever?


Louise: Absolutely not! As Steph said, Louise clutched Steph’s hand. It’s part of what makes us the people we are. I love her, warty memories and all.


Diana: Steph, what did you think/feel the first time Louise and Peter walked into your bar? Did your Spidey senses kick in and let you know something big was about to happen?


Steph: Spidey senses? What have you been drinking?

Steph laughs and tosses another wink my way…seriously saucy, this one is!

No it didn’t, but  Louise has a great butt, my eyes never stopped following her around and I was gutted when she sat down.


Louise: You never told me that!


Steph laughed and kissed her briefly

Steph: Oh I’m sure it must have come up. You have a body I’m happy to hold close for the rest of my life. Don’t you think so Ms. Prince?


Diana: Clears her throat and tries hard not to laugh. Has anyone told you that you are quite the saucy one? I think it would be best if you left the questions to me…


Diana: Steph, how did you feel when you found out that everyone, your old friends, and new ones, had been hiding their knowledge of who you were?


Steph: Betrayed I guess, especially Liz and Amy. The others, at the time, I had no real reference too, and as much as I hate to say this, their opinions didn’t matter at the time. I could have throttled Liz, she was my best friend…present company excepted. 

Steph wriggles her eyebrows at Louise, and throws a kiss her way…did I mention saucy?


Diana: Louise, how did it feel to you, having to act like she was a complete stranger?


Louise: I can answer that in one word-heartbreaking.


Diana:  I imagine, and it had to be very frustrating for you too. Did you ever just want to take Steph in your arms, kiss the daylight out of her, and hope it would bring her memory back?


Louise: Yes, every moment I spent with her. It’s like taking a kid into a candy store and not having any money to buy anything.


Diana: Why didn’t you?


Louise: I respected her doctor’s diagnosis, and once I’d found Steph, I wasn’t going to be the one to push her away.


Diana: Steph, what was it about the key you found? It seemed that everything else you were shown had no effect on you or your memory, the apartment in Chicago, the diamond engagement ring…nothing brought back any hint of a memory, yet you kept the key close to you after finding it. Any idea why?


Steph: Nothing tangible, just a fanciful notion that it was important to my future as well as my past. As I said fanciful and normally I don’t do that. She pulls at her chain Nope I never do that.


Diana: Louise, what drew you to Steph the first time you met her?


Louise: Are you kidding? Do you need specs? She’s drop dead gorgeous and sent chills down my back when she spoke. I have to say my fantasy is…


Steph clears her throat loudly, stopping Louise in mid-sentence.

Steph: That’s ok darling,  enough said.

Louise laughs at Steph’s apparent discomfort, and winks at her…maybe saucy is catchy. 


Diana: Steph, the same question for you, what drew you to Louise?


Steph: She was nice.


Louise: Nice? What kind of answer is that?


Steph scratches her nose.

Steph:  The best one. Remember darling, nice and the people I used to meet, didn’t go hand in glove. Nice, my love, was like the pinnacle of appreciation at that time in my life.


Diana: Louise, what drew you to her the second time you ‘met’? Obviously she was the woman you fell in love with, but she was also a totally different person.


Louise: Not really, she loved some of the same things I knew the old Steph loved, music for instance. She had my Steph’s body and I knew inside deep inside, if I was patient my Steph would return.


Steph: You didn’t fall for me…at least, the, me that I’d become. She frowns.


Louise: “I love every single facet of you Stephaine Grant, but let’s face it, the dour Steph and the bartending Steph are poles apart. At first that is, not when I got to know you. Did that make sense?”


Diana:   Perfect sense…I think.


Diana: Steph, what about you? For you, Louise was not someone you knew you loved, but still you were drawn to her and her child, can you explain that?


Steph: Yes I can.” Steph stares at Louise. Real love reaches inside us and tangles into our nervous system to such an extent, that like memories, they imprint into the very soul. Wherever in the world, whatever she had been doing, once we met I knew she was important to me, and I would have done anything to be part of her life.


Well, there you have it, I think what Steph just said pretty much sums it up. True love does reach down deep inside us. 

After talking with these two lovely ladies, I think that Louise has her hands full with Steph. I am sure most of the time Louise feels like she is raising two toddlers! All kidding aside, the love I felt between these two is amazing. If you haven’t read Against All Odds yet, do yourself a favor and do so soon. It was a bumpy ride to get to where they are today, but one that I thoroughly enjoy being on with them.


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