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Desert Heat-Prologue

The lights were coming straight at her and there was nothing she could do to avoid them. The sound of metal crunching into metal was in her ears followed by the sounds of a child?s screams. She reached for the door handle and pushed frantically at the mangled door. Looking over she couldn't see Yvette and that was scaring the shit out of her. God her head hurt. She could feel the warm blood pulsing down her cheek from the wound on her forehead. There it was againthe screaming. Oh, God, let this damn door open. I need to get to that child!


Lucinda Velazquez bolted up in the drenched sheets screaming and dripping sweat. "Fuck!" she cursed. Shaky and frustrated, she launched herself off her bed as she glanced at the green numbers on the bedside clock. She had only been asleep a couple of hours. "Shit this is getting out of hand," she said as she poured herself a scotch and downed it in one swallow.


The dreams were an every night occurrence since Yvette had left, and before that an every other week thing. To say it was getting out of hand was an understatement. She poured another one and then walked to the window and pulled back the curtain. The street light shined on the empty street below. It will be different in a few hours, she thought. She let the curtain drift closed as she began pacing around the apartment, in her black tank top and black silk boxers. She noticed how empty the room looked and felt. It was amazing how full a place can feel with someone else living there.


Since Yvette left, the place just didn?t feel like home anymore. It was empty, not just from the loss of things but from warmth and love. She knew she would never get back to sleep so she walked to the bedroom with her scotch and set it on the bedside stand and reached for her jeans. She pulled them up, sat on the edge of her bed, took a drink, and pulled her boots on. She slipped on her black t-shirt as she walked out of the bedroom. Finding her keys on the counter, she grabbed them and headed out to the nearest bar.


"Well, hello there tall, dark, and gorgeous! Come to mama," the redhead said as she watched Luce walk in. Megan didn't know who the tall woman was but she was going to make it her mission to find out. "Hey, Lou, save my seat will ya?" she hollered to the bartender.


"Yup," Lou muttered as the redhead walked off. "Hey, Mick, Megan is off again. Oh shit! Fifty says she gets shot down!" The dark man behind the bar laughed as he saw where the well built woman was heading.


"Megan, shot down? No way!" Mick replied. "I'll take you up on that bet," the muscular woman said as she put up shot glasses. She turned around to see who the target was and said, "Uh, no never mind." In the entire time she had been working in the bar, Luce had never left with anyone. Seeing the target was Luce she knew she was going to lose money on the bet.


Lou laughed. "Yeah. Can't change your mind already made the bet!"


They both watched as Luce headed straight for the back bar with Megan on a collision course to intercept her.


"Well, hello you sexy thing. I don't think I've seen you here before. Can I buy you a drink?"


"I don't know how I've missed you that's for sure," Luce said, as she looked the redhead over. She slowly scanned up Megan's body starting at the red fuck me pumps, long legs, and tight, black mini skirt. Her eyes focused on the cleavage spilling from the white button-up blouse before her trademark cocky smile slowly appeared on her lips. "If you're serious about that drink, make it a scotch."


"Oh, hell, leave it to Luce to make a move the one night I swear Megan doesn't have a shot in hell of getting laid," Lou said as he watched the interaction between the two women. Luce had been a regular at the bar for the last year and more so within the last six months. She always had scotch and always turned women away. Sometimes she was nice about it while other times she had a sharp tongue. Not once did he remember the dark woman walking out with anyone.


Mick smiled. "Looks like I just got an easy fifty!"


"Yeah, not yet. Only counts if Megan leaves hanging all over her."


"Hmm, picky, picky, but okay have it your way." With a smile, Mick went back to stacking the clean glasses on the shelves behind the bar.


Before long, Megan and Luce sat at a table in a dark corner talking and Megan had a huge smile on her face. Her arm was around Luce?s shoulder and she was sliding closer by the minute. Soon her hand was sliding up and down Luce's muscled thigh and she was leaning in whispering in the dark haired woman?s ear. After a few doubles, Luce stood up and held out her hand for Megan to grasp before they headed out the door.


"Okay, bro, pay up. Looks like I won," Mick said as she lovingly slapped her friend's shoulder.


"Shit man that?s messed up. Luce never leaves with a woman. Can I catch you on payday? I'm a little short tonight," Lou said as he shook his head.


"Amigo, you are always short," Mick replied jokingly.


Lou was all of five feet tall, but what he lacked in height he made up in personality. He was a sweetheart of a man always laughing and joking, never unkind to anyone and always looking for the good in people. With a big grin, he went back to work wiping the long oak bar down.


Megan and Luce walked out the door of the bar and Luce turned them right and moved down the alley. She pushed Megan up against the brick outer wall of the bar and roughly began kissing her. "God, have I told you how hot you look in these jeans and black tee?" Megan whispered as she worked the buttons of the 501?s.


"Have I told you I like you a hell of a lot better when my tongue is in your mouth?" Luce growled as she grabbed a fist full of red hair and yanked back so that Megan had no choice but to accept her assaulting lips. Luce's other hand was grabbing Megan's hip and pulling it into her. With a groan, Megan's hands began to roam up Luce?s waist to her ribs and firm breasts. Luce let go of the ass cheek and hair and quickly stopped Megan's hands. "Uh-uh, I didn't give you permission to touch me. Did I?"


Luce pinned Megan's hands against the wall and unbuttoned her blouse. She cupped the soft, creamy white breast, feeling the nipple harden against the palm of her hand as she squeezed and her mouth bit into the soft flesh of the Megan's neck.


Megan's breathing quickened, the hand that had gripped hers let go and found its way down her hips. Soon her mini skirt was hiked up and her legs were forced apart. Luce's hand worked its way into her silk panties and found the redhead soaking wet. With a groan of desire, Luce buried her head into Megan's neck as her fingers rubbed against the hard nub that was nestled in soaking red hair.


Luce worked her palm against Megan's clit as Megan ground her hips into Luce's palm driving two fingers deeper. Megan's breathing labored as her sanity quickly vanished. Her fingers wrapped in Luce's black hair and pulled her hard into her neck as she buried her face into the woman?s chest as she climaxed.


Luce smiled as she felt the woman cum in waves. With a groan and a need that drove her, she grabbed Megan by the shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees. Megan didn't need much more guidance as her fingers quickly worked the buttons of Luce's pants and pulled them down so that her mouth could find its target.


Luce threw her head back and her eyes closed as she felt Megan's tongue on her hard, throbbing clit. The tip of Megan's tongue flicked against Luce in a slow, hard motion that was quickly driving Luce out of her mind. Megan realized that Luce was quickly approaching the edge and began sucking her clit; the nectar her actions were creating ran down her chin. Within a minute or two, Luce fell over the edge with a deep moan and shudder as she gripped the back of Megan's head, pressing her firmly into her center.


With satisfaction, Megan smiled as she stood with cum glistening on her face. She went to kiss the tall, dark woman but Luce turned before the woman?s lips hit hers. "Hey what's wrong?"' Megan asked.


Luce pulled her pants up and buttoned them. She looked at the woman with disgust. "Thanks catch ya around," she said as she walked away.


"What the hell? Wait a think you can just treat me this way. I'm not some whore you know."


"Sorry, sweetheart, I'm not into this anymore."


"So you're just gonna walk away from me?" Megan screamed.


"Looks that way," Luce said. Without looking back, she left Megan standing in the alley. Luce headed back into the building and straight to the bar. "Hey, Lou, give me a shot of tequila would ya?"


"You got it boss. Uh, I thought I seen you leave with Megan."


"We had some business to discuss," Luce said as she swallowed the shot, she felt a hand on her back.


Lou was smart enough to walk over to the other end of the bar.


"What do you think you're doing?" Megan asked barely restraining her anger.


"Having one last drink before I go to work," Luce nonchalantly replied.


"That's not what I mean and you damn well know it."


"Look, Megan, is it? I don?t know what to tell you other than I'm not interested."


"Not interested? You think I'm just some woman you can fuck and then walk away from?" the redhead spat as her voice grew louder.


Luce turned her eyes to the woman and through clenched teeth said, "Keep it down. Honestly, I don't know who you are any more than you know who I am. What I do know is that you met me not thirty minutes ago and willingly left with me for a fuck out in the alley. At the moment, I'm not sure who I'm more disgusted for going with me or me for actually screwing you."


Megan's hand made contact with Luce's face with enough force that it swung the woman's head. With a lightning fast reflex, Luce's hand grabbed the pale skinned wrist of the woman who had just struck her. With her eyes flashing the rage she felt inside, she growled, "Don't ever make the mistake of doing that again." Luce pushed the wrist away from her, stood up, reached into her pocket, pulled out a ten-dollar bill, tossed it on the bar, and walked away.


Megan was about to follow when Luce stopped mid-stride and turned back. "Don't. If you do I'll have to place you under arrest for striking an officer of the law and trust me, I have plenty of witnesses." Luce made a point of looking around the bar and at the few people that still nursed their drinks as well as Lou and Mick. Megan stepped back shocked by the coldness in Luce?s voice and the look in the woman?s eyes. This can?t be the same woman I was just speaking to forty minutes ago much less the same one I was just been out in the alley with. Megan thought better of pursuing anything else and walked away. It is still about thirty minutes until last call and I will find a willing partner for the rest of the early morning hours.


Luce turned once again and walked out of the bar. She swung her leg over the seat of her 1994 Harley 1340 Softail Springer, adjusted her goggles, cinched on her helmet, and headed toward work.




As Luce drove down street with the streetlights reflecting off her goggles, her mind wandered. It wasn?t long before her inner voice spoke loud and clear. Who the hell are you these days? You use to be someone who enjoyed people and being with them. Someone who cared about others and how they felt. Sure, you had issues but then doesn?t everyone? Back then, you never took what someone offered lightly or without an ounce of compassion. And there certainly wasn?t anyone more?conscientious about where she met women. The person you were tonight ? that wasn?t you. Who are you trying to kid? You haven?t been that Lucinda Velasquez in a very long time.


Luce countered with, Shut up. What the hell do you know? You have no idea what I've had to deal with in the last few months.


Her inner voice softly said, Who do you think has been beside you all this time?


Luce ignored the voice and kept driving.



Luce walked into the building that housed the offices of the local Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms agency as well as the Drug Enforcement Agency. The offices were deserted and dimly lit as she walked to her desk. It wasn?t a smart idea to walk into the office smelling of alcohol this early in the morning. She never knew who would be around, but she was only going to catch up on paper work and would be sharp as a whip once the rest of the crew came in.


She pulled out her chair, sat down, and with her elbows on her desk ran her fingers through her black hair. Shit my head hurts. She pulled open the middle drawer of her desk and took out a bottle of aspirin. She popped two pills in her mouth and let her head fall back, swallowing them dry.


Her mind went over the events at the bar. What the hell was I doing, much less thinking? She could still smell the woman's perfume. What the hell did she do bathe in the shit? "Jesus, I should have showered before I came here," she said as she stared at the folder on her desk.


Luce looked up at the clock on the wall and realized she had time to hit the shower in the gym. With her head pounding and her stomach queasy, she slowly got up and walked down the hall, her hand sliding along the wall to help keep her balance. Maybe I'll stretch out on a bench for a minute or two first.


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