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Pirates and Princesses…Oh MY! by Diana Prince


Hello my friends! This is Diana again with another fascinating interview. With the help of Toni, from Asset Management,  I was able to travel back in time to interview Raven and Kataryna. A pirate and a princess may sound like an unlikely match, but these two make it work, they really do. Even after all these years together, the love they share is still very much alive and palpable.


Interview with Raven and Kataryna.


Diana: Raven, was your time on the high seas everything you thought it would be? And what did you enjoy the most about your time there?


Raven: Yes it was everything I had dreamed it would be and so much more. Both of these questions are intertwined, for the freedom is one of the things I dreamed of and what I enjoyed most. I could sail anywhere I wished and no one to answer to but myself. My crew would follow anywhere I lead. As a young child I knew there had to be more to life than just fields of crops and farm animals. I wanted to see far off lands, how other people lived.


Diana: Raven, what set you apart from all the other pirates? Was it just about the pillaging and plundering?


Raven: What set me apart were morals. I may have been ruthless, however I truly believed in treating my crew as I myself was part of the crew. Most pirates care not about the women and children, you will find I never knowingly hurt either. Yes we wanted wealth yet we were not greedy and always above all else cautious. Many others that were caught and hanged did not give thought to what they did, only the gold and gems.


Diana: Raven, what is your utmost regret?


Raven: My utmost regret is a double-edged sword that now hangs on my wall. I regret that I believed the lies of a madman and not those of my love. Yet, and this is a large yet, if I had not believed them, would I have all that I now have?


Diana: Kataryna, now that you have settled into your life as the only female ruler of the lands, what is it like?


Kataryna: The power is at times intoxicating. I am queen, the ruler of all the lands and I can decide a man’s fate in a heartbeat. If I am not careful while dealing with a dispute, the Dragon slips back to the surface if I let her. There are times when being the first and only female to ever rule is extremely difficult. Some of the men of the lands are set in their ways and refuse to see me as Queen let alone as ruler over all the kingdoms. So yes there are times when a little persuasion is needed and sometimes is involves a sword or two. I must admit it can be very trying on the nerves and physically exhausting. I however will never admit that to them. It takes me as a ruler twice as long to accomplish some things as a result of some of the lords stupidity.


Diana: Kataryna, any regrets?


Kataryna: Yes, several. However as the Queen of the lands my people can never know them. I did what I thought I had to do. Unfortunately I was guided by a madman and molded into someone I was not proud to be. I will admit one though…I regret not getting on one of my ships and searching the seas that morning.


Diana: How many children do you two have?


Kataryna: Seven. However, I have lost two to the Goddesses


Diana: Can you tell us a bit about them?


Kataryna: Bryanne and Aiden were first born twins. Bryanne even up to her death at an early age was commanding and overbearing. She however had good leadership qualities that would have flourish if she had lived. Her brother Aiden though was a natural born leader just like his grandfather King Theos. He is very thoughtful, not rash and quick to pass judgment like me at times. He will make a fine king some day.

Amara is a mystery to us all. She was born a seer with the knowledge of all the seers before her contained within. She knows items she should never have had knowledge of, let alone before they even happen.

The other four are much younger.

Rhiannon and Flora are twins as well. Rhiannon is a chatterbox and very outgoing. She rarely pays attention to where she is going and gets into trouble all the time. She however was born with a bit of the seer gift in her, which was a surprise to all of us. Her sister Flora is at times shy, yet she always takes the blame for her twin’s actions. She thinks of all others before herself. She even threw herself in front of a charging horse one day to protect her sister. She will make a great ruler one day.

The two youngest are twins as well.

Bronwen and his sister Perta. Bronwen has dark moods, yet his heart is as pure as my Lord Raven’s. He too dreams of the sea just as she did. She shares stories (much edited though) with him before he goes to sleep some nights. I fear he will go to the sea some day and not return. You could say he has a wanderer’s heart. Possibly a lady or princess will win his heart some day as well.

Perta, Bronwen’s twin died at birth. I still feel the loss yet my mother, Lady Bibiana, comes to me in my dreams and tells me that her death was a blessing. She was not meant to live.


Diana: You met as mere children, I believe you had just turned 18, correct Kataryna?


Kataryna: Actually I was a mere 15 when we first met. I did not think of myself as a child. Many princess’s before me where married younger than I was and already had children by that age. I was a very mature 15. As I look back now, I realize I was spoiled and immature as well as demanding that I always got my way.


Diana: If things had turned out differently, and you had stayed Raven, do you think you would be here now?


Raven: I feel I would be eventually. We would have been happy for a short time. However the call of the seas would have been too much to ignore. I also do not feel the people of the land would have accepted me as easily many years ago. There are still a couple that have a difficult time seeing me as Lord Raven. However I hope to finally win even them over. I truly believe our lives have come full circle as they were meant to.


Diana: Same question to you Kataryna, if Raven hadn’t left, would things have worked out like they did?


Kataryna: I must admit they would not have. Well at least until she found her way back home. The people of the land would never have accepted her, not like most do now. I also know the call of the sea would have been too much for her. I see it once in a full moon in her eyes. Even on occasion I find her standing on one of the docks as the sun sets over the horizon. I ask her if she wishes to return to the sea and she tells me no, that she is where she is not meant to be. As she has told me several times we have come full circle to find not only each other but ourselves once more. I know this woman has matured since she was that young girl in the field that day meeting her dark haired pirate for the first time.


Diana: Five children...FIVE? Oh, my! And it certainly sounds like they have their hands full with little Rhiannon and Flora. Their story is a love story that has its dark side before they are finally together. It was a ride that I am surprised they lived to tell us about it, but lived they did. And now that they are joined as one, they seem happiest ruling together, and with love. When, of course, they are not rescuing the people of their lands from the antics of their children! They say love keeps us young, after meeting the family, I think they have to stay young in order to keep up with their children! Do yourself a favor, and pick up their book, Once Upon a Time,  and submerse yourself in the lives of these two wonderful women. Follow them through their ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, to  the ultimate ending, where love really does conquer all.


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