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An Interview with Toni and Char By Diana Prince

After hearing of their adventures, I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with Toni and Char of Asset Management and had a very enlightening conversation with them. They were surprisingly open about themselves and their work, and just plain fun to talk with.


Diana: Toni, you are involved in a very diverse group of women, where did you all meet?


Toni: Well…Kim and Sophie were close friends of mine from College. We all graduated from Stanford and just seemed to click. They're my best friends and I would do just about anything for them. The rest of the women sort of exploded into our lives.


Toni grins at me.


Toni: I don't think I'm allowed to say much more than that. The group of women I work with can be kind of temperamental and they value their privacy. Right Char?


Char nods her head.


Diana: Char, same question to you.


Char: I met Maggie when I was a young girl. I don't think it’s overly dramatic to say she saved my life and my sister Dani’s life.


Char looks at Toni and the smile she gives her looks like it is special, reserved for only her.


Char: As for Toni, I began stalking her.


Char chuckles and Toni grins widely.


Char: Fortunately, she didn't hold it against me and eventually succumbed to my charms.


Toni is trying unsuccessfully to hold in her laughter. I try to get more out of them about this, but neither will give in, only repeating their mantra…Read the book…


Diana: What made you decide on the Robin Hood route?


Toni: Sophie, Kim and I got sick and tired of the rich continuing to get richer and the poor and middle class suffering. If they made their money honestly, I, we, if you will, wouldn’t have a problem with them. If we’re not careful we will evolve into a two class society and that has never proved to be a healthy outcome for the people. Especially when they abusing their power to get what they feel is theirs, no matter who gets in the way. History shows us this over and over, yet we fail to learn those lessons. I’ve been called a bleeding heart socialist before. I think it was intended as a slur.


Toni shrugs.


Toni: Reagan’s trickle-down theory never worked, so we thought we'd try a different approach.


Diana: How do you pick who you take down and who benefits from these you take down?


Toni: The more flamboyant the person—actually I mean flashy because none of these yahoos were gay—the more they attract our attention. We also paid particular attention to all those individuals who contributed to the mess with the recession and the burst housing bubble. They all got a bail-out while the rest of the middle class and poor were left holding the bag and ultimately paying the bill. After linking up with Char, our focus changed a bit and we literally saved the lives of many young girls after targeting a new group of particularly unsavory men.


Diana: So, you know I have to ask the most important question. How did you and Char meet?


Toni: We met at a Republican Fundraiser in the bathroom...twice. First, she stalked me then I suppose I stalked her. In my defense, I only meant to stalk her for the evening, but then things got complicated.


Diana: Was it love at first sight?


Toni: No definitely not, but it was lust at first sight. There was something about her though…Who says it’s love right now.


Toni winks at me and I can't help but swoon just a little bit. She has that roguish way about her that I’m sure attracts many people.


Diana: Toni, when did you know it was more than a fleeting attraction, or fling with Char?


Toni: When she opened up to me about her childhood. She trusted me with her most vulnerable memories. How could I not soften to her charms?


Toni strokes Char’s arm and clasps her hand.


Diana: Char, same question.


Char: Can I say ditto and add that Toni is so damn sexy with that big brain of hers and yet so vulnerable.


Diana: Toni, you seem to be the geek of the group. Any problems with the others with that? Do you miss being in on the ‘real’ action?


Toni: I've learned to completely embrace my inner geek. I don't believe there are problems with the others because we are each able to appreciate the diversity of gifts brought to the table. I suppose I do miss being in on the ‘real’ action sometimes, but it hasn't always worked out so well for me in the past when I've interjected myself into a situation that I have no business being in the middle of. I recognize those just aren't where my true talents lie.

Diana: Char, how do you feel about your sister, Dani, working so closely with Toni?


Char: I love the fact that Toni and Dani work so closely together. I believe they push one another to new heights of greatness. It’s nice to see them both joining the mutual admiration society. Toni is Dani’s idol and Dani’s special talents don’t go unnoticed by Toni.


Diana: If you had the chance to do anything all over again, you know a re-wind of sorts, what would it be?


Toni: I’d like to re-wind the night that…


Toni tears up for minute and takes a sip of her wine.


Toni: It was a horrible night for all of us and we lost a very good friend.


Diana: Any new gadgets or ideas you have floating around in that brain of yours you can share with us?


Toni: If you can dream it, then it’s possible. I'd love for time travel machine, to allow us to re-wind life, but alas, at this point I haven't figured that one out...yet.


Diana: Any parting words for us?


Toni: Regardless of the challenges put before us, I believe good will always prevail. However, sometimes it can be hard to evaluate what is good and what is evil because humanity is made up of shades of gray.


Char: My life changed for the better on the day I ran into Toni.


Diana: I really appreciate both of you taking the time to give me this enlightening interview.


Toni and Char: You're welcome.



Diana: After that enlightening talk with Toni and Char, and the numerous times a questions was answered with read the book, I went out and bought the book. I just had to know what they weren't telling me. I must admit, if I hadn't talked to them first, I would have thought the book used poetic license in retelling of their tale. However, now that I have talked with them, I am sure there were things, interesting pieces that were left out, either to protect their organization, or because we wouldn’t believe it. I will be keeping my eye on these two and their friends. I am sure they have more to tell, and I for one cannot wait to hear or read about their adventures.


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