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Reece's Faith
TJ Vertigo

Chapter One

It was incredible. All her senses were overloaded. Even behind the shades, her eyes watered when the icy wind slammed against her face. She wished she could feel it blowing through her hair.

The constant deafening rumble of the machine beneath her was dizzying. Her hands were numbed by the cold and the steady vibrations of the handlebars. She tried to catch her breath. Her lips had long since lost feeling, but she licked them anyway.

The brightness of the sun was blinding. She squinted through the tears, not wanting to miss anything. Trees flew by at breakneck speed. She couldn’t focus but saw the beauty in fleeting glimpses only.

The body behind her leaned impossibly closer. Long powerful arms and legs trapped her, forcing her to feel every moment as if she herself were in control of the beast below her. She closed her eyes. Adrenaline was pumping so rapidly through her body she couldn’t keep from screaming. God, it was euphoric.

The trees slowed down, the rumble became a purr and suddenly it was deafeningly quiet. It was over just like that. The warm protective body behind her slid away. She tried to get off the bike but found that her legs were shaking. Her body was still thrumming with excitement. Faith tore off the helmet and sunglasses to glare at the person responsible for ending it all.

“Reece! Why the hell did you stop? God, that was incredible!” She was practically shouting with frustration.

“I think I overdid it, being your first ride and all....”

“No way! That was fanfuckingtastic!” Faith blurted out.

Reece chuckled. “I just wanted you to see it from my point of view but we should probably get going back toward the city within a half hour, so walk it off, baby.”

With her helmet under one arm, Reece shook out her dark hair, and pulled her gloves off with her teeth. “Anyway, you have to shoot that EP bright and early, and we all know how you love to get up in the morning.”

Faith back-handed her in the belly. “Aw, c’mon, Reece,” she whined. “Just a little more?”

The cute little blonde jumped up and down on the seat, stuck out her lip and made puppy dog eyes.

“Babe, that line works much better in the bedroom. Besides, we’ve been pushing her limits for nearly an hour,” Reece responded.

Blue eyes twinkled as she effortlessly lifted the smaller woman off the machine, kissing her nose.

Faith crinkled that nose in disappointment.

“Well, I do have to pee,” she admitted. “I think a kidney shook loose.” She disappeared behind a tree.

“I told you, it’s like riding a horse, you have to relax and go with it. You’re going to be stiff for days with the way you tensed up.” Reece explained as she found another tree to take care of her own bladder. “Ah, fuck, you got any tissues?”

Faith was standing above the squatting woman holding a travel pack of tissues. “What’ll you give me for them?” she teased with a smirk.

“Well, I could just drip dry, or pull up my pants now, no matter to me.” She shrugged. “If you like the taste of that sort of thing.”

“Ew. Here. And you better clean it good, woman. I have a vested interest in that.”

Faith walked toward the bike and noticed that there were waves of heat rising off the engine. She suddenly realized how cold she was and shivered. She warmed her hands on the heat pouring off the bike.

“Wow, I have this fantasy...but now I’m not so sure. I can’t even fathom sex on this thing. My heart would explode!” Faith’s green eyes closed so she could draw up the images of that fantasy.

“First off, I don’t usually open her up like that. Second, sex at that speed is not an option. However….” Reece wiggled her eyebrows. “I can work around that little speed thing. For you, anything.”

She leered at her lover.

“I’d freeze my ass off right now, but hold that thought.” Faith leered right back. “Let’s get home and discuss this further.”

Reece narrowed her eyes and climbed in front this time. “Oh, yeah! Discuss...I’m sure our garage guy, Pepe, can be paid off into leaving the garage for a while.”

Wandering hands immediately found places much more interesting than the handlebars to hold onto. The driver looked over her shoulder at the smirking culprit.

“What? My hands are cold,” Faith replied innocently.

“So stick them in my jacket pockets.”

“Party pooper.” She stuck out her tongue to Reece’s back. “Why am I back here anyway?”

“It got colder, I’m blocking you from the wind.” Reece lifted the bike off the kickstand.

“My chivalrous baby.” Faith reached up and kissed the back of the neck in front of her.

“Okay! All lips and fingers to yourself. A TV star with road rash won’t bring in the viewers.”

Reece brought the bike to life, closing off all verbal communication. With nothing left to do but think, Faith snuggled closer and let herself melt into Reece’s back. She inhaled a deep breath of cold air and leather and smiled.

“I love you so much,” she mumbled.

She knew Reece couldn’t hear her, but she had to say it out loud anyway. So much had happened to her in the past few months.

So much happened to us, she thought.

 Faith remembered the night that she had been discovered by a talent scout at The Lounge and chuckled. Did Reece really think Faith’s best friend, Cori, could keep that a secret?

Faith’s whole life had changed that night, and she owed it all to Reece. With a smile, Faith remembered how strangely Reece had acted in front of Brad at the congratulation party that night, and how nervous Brad had acted too. She should have known something was up. But she’d blamed it all on the excitement and not having the chance to corner Cori sooner than she had.

At first, when Cori let Faith in on the whole thing, she was furious with Reece. She was angry that Reece would think that she needed her help finding an acting job. Then she was stunned at the lengths Reece was willing to go to, to make Faith’s dreams come true.

It wasn’t every day she made an ass of herself in public, and for someone else’s benefit, Faith thought.

When Faith thought honestly about it, she really had given up on an acting career at that point, even though she herself hadn’t realized it. She remembered how Violet and Cori had talked her into going to see Brad the morning after they met at The Lounge, and how she was too distracted to realize that they had a party planned even before she spoke to him. She chuckled again at how lucky she was to have them as friends even if they were no better than nosy wash women.

Faith heard a jumble of foul words as she was thrown quite literally from her thoughts. With a yelp, she became airborne for just a moment, then landed with a thud on the bike seat. She was aware that they were going slower and were surrounded by midtown Manhattan traffic. It also seemed that she grew shorter and Reece grew taller.

“Christ! Uh, babe? Would you mind scooching back a bit?” Reece sounded as if she were in pain.

Confused, Faith realized she was sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat and Reece was straddling the gas tank.

“Oh, my God!” she cried out, as she struggled to settle herself farther back on the seat without leaning on her lover for support. She helped pull Reece back into place, which wasn’t easy as she was steering the bike around another pothole.

“Are you okay?” Faith knew how hard she’d hit the seat, and knew it couldn’t have been pleasant for Reece.

“Fucking potholes! Where the hell are all my tax dollars going?”

Faith could tell her lover was really pissed off, and she frowned.

“That’s it! I refuse to pay taxes anymore! If I have one mark on this bike….”

They stopped at a red light and Reece turned around and took off her helmet. Faith didn’t like the angry look on her face at all.

“Are you all right? You didn’t get hurt, did you? If you are, I’ll sue the fucking department of transportation.”

“I’m okay, honey.” She received a skeptical look. “Put your helmet back on, I’m really okay.”

Satisfied, Reece replaced her helmet and turned back around. “I’ll sue the freaking city.”

What the hell is the matter with her? It’s just a pothole, Faith mused silently.

Faith was worried. Reece had been acting like this all week, jumping at little things and getting really angry about nothing.

If she keeps this up, I’ll never be able to tell her about my script .She sighed in frustration.

She took her hands out of Reece’s pockets and replaced them under the leather jacket. She comfortingly rubbed all the parts of Reece’s anatomy that she could reach until she felt the tension dissipate. Then she moved her hands further south and toyed with the waistband of Reece’s jeans. It wasn’t exactly her fantasy, but it would do.

“Did you hurt yourself anywhere that needs a kiss, sweetheart?”

“Oh, yeah, it needs many, many kisses.”

“Well, then, let’s get this baby home, shall we?”

Faith pulled Reece’s shirt out from her jeans and stroked the tight stomach teasingly. Reece wiggled.

“You better stop that, Red.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Faith was feeling rather cocky, able to make her lover squirm.

“Because with that graceful landing, the seam of my jeans wound up someplace that it shouldn’t be.”

“Ohhhh?” Faith tugged on the waistband with a smirk, thoroughly enjoying the feel of Reece’s butt jerking against her spread thighs.

“Yeah, and if you keep that up, it’ll be over way before it starts.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“Don’t make me stop this bike, Faith,” Reece said.

“Oh, all right,” Faith grumbled, suddenly reminded of long car trips with her father. Sliding her hands up Reece’s ribs to bring her back to the present, she was satisfied with the shudder she caused. Pleased that she’d calmed the edgy woman, Faith leaned back against the sissy bar and relaxed for the rest of the ride.

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