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Malodorous by Del Robertson

Sequel to My Fair Maiden

Beautiful maiden, Gwen, thought her life would improve vastly after narrowly escaping being a virgin sacrifice and leaving her home village for pastures new. Unfortunately, when she arrives in Fairhaven, she finds the village stinks and it’s not down to the rather dubious mutton stew being served. Something is seriously amiss.

Handsome swordsman, Bodhi, as always, is looking for the next wench to add another notch to her bedpost. She has the pick when she ends up in Fairhaven.

After the tussle with the ogre and the way they’d parted, neither Gwen or Bodhi expected to meet again. But, here they are, trapped in the village of Fairhaven, with a killer at large.

Fairhaven is on a lockdown. The villagers are afraid. The guards are corrupt, who can be trusted? Then to top it all, the unthinkable occurs, Bodhi is arrested for murder. Who will help her prove her innocence? Is she innocent? Is this the end for Bodhi?

I loved Del Robertson’s My Fair Maiden and was hoping that there would be a sequel. This book is a pure delight to read. It’s a page turner from the first page through to the last page. The book will standalone, but I strongly advise reading My Fair Maiden first. Why miss out on another great book? Plus, it’s nice to get the background on Gwen and Bodhi and hear of their past adventures.

This is a true fairy tale read for adults and lovers of lesfic and it’s fast paced, with wonderfully scenic descriptions. The characters are all multidimensional and interact well together. There is a real laugh out loud humor throughout and some nicely placed romantic actions of a hot nature, just for good measure.We find the usual element of mystery and intrigue with mythical creatures that made the fairy tales of yesteryear unforgettable, as are these two books.

I’m hoping that we will see Gwen and Bodhi back again in another adventure soon.

For readers wanting the print version, Affinity have included both books in one volume. The ebooks are available to buy separately. 

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