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Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work or Art by S. Anne Gardner

Barbara is divorced with two young sons. She comes from a world of privilege and safety. But, one filled with lies and deception.

Taya is an out lesbian. She comes from a world filled with the drugs of the moment, which right now is the white. Her underground world is filled with violence and death. She is the Black Angel. The person most feared throughout the pens. Even the most hardened drug dealers quake with fear at her wrath.

Barbara’s world is crashing down around her. All the lies and deceit have rocked her world to pieces. One afternoon, Barbara inadvertently wanders into unknown foreign territory. Barbara has no way of knowing her world is about to change forever.

When Barbara and Taya meet, their two worlds collide shattering both their hearts into tiny pieces. Life for them both will never be the same again. But can two shattered hearts, from two so very different worlds be joined into one?

I’ve read most of S. Anne Gardner’s work and enjoyed it. This book is no exception. I hadn’t realized when starting the book, that there is going to be a sequel. This was welcome news to me as I enjoyed this fast paced, well written book, very much.

Both Barbara and Taya are so very different, but from personal experience, this works very well, opposites do attract. Both characters are fully developed and easy to get to know and are backed up with a wonderful cast of secondary characters to progress the story along. Although, with Taya’s character, as a reader, I felt I shouldn’t be liking her for what she is and what she stands for. But, I couldn’t help myself. There was just something about her, a vulnerability that drew me to her like a moth to a flame.

Both Barbara and Taya have had burning past issues to deal with. Both are in dire need of love and affection. Even though neither woman wants for material things, money simply can’t buy everything. It’s their journey towards love and the obstacles in the way that we read about here.

This is far more than an adventurous romance. The storyline is gripping, dark and gritty. The story did conclude, but has left me wanting much more and quickly too. This looks to be a riveting blockbuster series.

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