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Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work of Art Chapter 1

Chapter One


Barbara walked and struggled to breathe. All she knew was that she wanted the distance between where she had been and where she was going to grow and grow and grow. It didn’t matter where her steps were taking her.

Barbara hadn’t noticed how quickly she was becoming out of place to the area, nor the eyes that had not left her for the last four blocks. Overwhelmed by what she had been told only moments ago, where she was going made little difference. Her mind kept replaying again and again the events that had brought her to this point in her life.

She had walked out of the Newark County Courthouse and turned down a street and just kept walking. The Newark downtown was experiencing a renaissance with the building of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and with big companies relocating into new headquarters because of tax incentives. Parking was next to impossible so she had taken a cab to her meeting with her attorney, and had planned on taking another home.

The law firm was on the twenty-fifth floor of the office building across from the courthouse, which was connected to the building by a newly built overpass. All the new businesses were bringing in much needed revenue and the areas surrounding the performing arts centers had changed tremendously. Despite the improvements, including a new and more visible police presence, the city was still very much a dangerous one. Now, as Barbara walked, deep in thought, she never noticed as the streets got dirtier and how more and more houses were boarded up.

“Fresh meat,” she heard an unsavory voice say, seemingly from nowhere.

Barbara suddenly stopped walking and looked around. For the first time she seemed to realize she had no idea where she was and that she was probably in great danger. She turned and looked in all directions. Her senses suddenly kicked in. No one was visible on the street, there was garbage everywhere, and the houses on either side of her seemed to be abandoned. Her heart began to pound so hard in her chest that she could hear it in her ears. She looked in all directions and was shocked by what she saw. All her fears came to life when two men emerged from the shadows and stopped a mere few feet in front of her.

Barbara froze. Nothing had prepared her for this. She took a step back as fear flooded her face. The two men were unshaven and dirty, and by the expression on their faces it was very obvious what they had in mind.

“Me first,” the one to the left said to his partner.

“Why not just take turns? Oh…this is going to be good.”

Speechless with fear Barbara turned and began to run. They quickly overtook her and shoved her into an alley, then against a wall. The man in front of her covered her mouth with one hand while the other began to tear the front of her blouse open. His breath and the foulness of his stench assaulted all her senses. She tried to scream as she felt a hand between her legs but couldn’t. Horror and terror was mirrored in her blue eyes.

“Animal!” someone growled in Spanish from behind them.

All Barbara saw was the two men being pulled off her. She stood unable to move, frozen with fear.

The two men turned around, prepared to strike at the person who had denied them what they were about to enjoy. When they saw the woman standing behind them they froze as well.

“Taya…she wandered into our pen. She belongs to us.” The man that had held her against the wall spoke first, anxiously.

The woman walked slowly up to Barbara, who focused on her. Their eyes locked both questioning.

Barbara stared at the dark-clad woman. “Help me,” she said barely above a whisper.

Barbara’s blouse was ripped open and Taya could see the breasts that had been covered in the now-torn lace bra.

How exquisite, Taya thought.

As Barbara stood partially naked in front of her, Taya’s demeanor completely changed as her eyes went from her breasts to her eyes again. Taya’s hand lightly touched the face in front of her in admiration. “Do you want to come with me?”

Barbara nodded quickly as the tears she was holding back spilled over.

“I’m taking her,” Taya said, never breaking eye contact with Barbara.

“No! She came into our pen.”

Taya turned around and moved to the side before the man closest to her swung at her.

“You must learn to listen,” Taya said with a voice as cold as steel before she pulled out a blade that went straight into her attacker’s leg.

“Oh, God!” he screamed and held his leg with both hands. Blood oozed out between his fingers and he dropped to the ground.

“God can’t help you now,” she said coldly.

Taya turned to the other man, who took two steps away slowly.

“Whatever you want, Taya,” the other man assured her as he kept backing away.

Taya turned toward Barbara again, who looked totally terrified. This one she would enjoy, Taya told herself and smiled. She was surprised when Barbara came into her arms and held on to her tightly.

For a moment the contact had taken her by surprise and as a result of it Taya’s senses were filled with the fragrance and the softness of the woman in her arms. She allowed the embrace long enough to bury her face in the woman’s soft, sweet-smelling blond hair.

“I’m sorry,” Barbara whispered as she fumbled with her coat to cover her breasts. Her reaction to seeking safety in a stranger’s arms made no sense. But, there was something about this woman that on some primal level pulled her to her.

“Let’s get off the street,” was all Taya said. Barbara looked into the darkest eyes she had ever seen and nodded.

As they walked down the street Barbara could see shadows lurking in the alleys. As she felt the ominous darkness closing in around her she grabbed Taya’s arm tighter to her.

Taya looked toward the woman who clung to her for protection and a dark smile appeared on her face for a brief moment. Barbara never saw it. The dark shadows would come out and then back away as they walked past them.

The lamb is clinging to the lion. Taya smiled at the thought.

Barbara followed her rescuer without question into a building. Taya opened a door and walked into an apartment and Barbara walked in behind her.

“Close the door,” Taya said as she turned to face Barbara. “Lock it.”

Barbara complied then turned around to face Taya once more. Taya noticed how the woman trembled.

“They were going to…” Barbara covered her face and her body shook as she began sobbing.

Taya approached her slowly and stopped barely an inch away, not exactly understanding why she was taking so much trouble with the woman in front of her.

Barbara leaned into the woman who had rescued her from being raped and, more likely than not, had saved her life as well. She cried as she clung harder to Taya.

Taya’s arms came up slowly and pulled her closer to her still. Again she felt her senses come alive and she pulled away quickly, trying to deny even to herself the reaction this woman was producing in her.

Barbara looked at her now as she wiped away the tears. “I want to thank you.”

“Thank me,” Taya said softly, putting some distance between them.

Barbara looked at her for a moment and Taya wondered if she had understood her request. Her request?

“Thank you,” Barbara said as a soft smile appeared on her face.

Taya looked at her. Obviously not, she thought to herself sarcastically.

“If you would grant me one more thing?”

Taya raised a brow, laughed and then nodded. She had taken this woman from Jake and Stanley because she wanted her for herself and here she was, not fucking her brains out but agreeing to something she didn’t even know yet. This is one for the books, Taya thought.

“If I could use your phone to call a cab?”

“No phone,” Taya said as she turned around and started removing her coat.


“A cab is an oddity here during the day. It would never come into this part of town at night. It’s getting dark.” Taya lit a cigarette and leaned against the table behind her.

Barbara looked at her in confusion and fascination. There was something dangerous beneath the surface of the woman in front of her. There was also a sensuality about her that seemed to ooze out of her pores. And somehow there was a part that was hiding because surely there was more hidden behind those piercing eyes.

“You are too tempting a prize out there now,” Taya said as she exhaled, shaking Barbara out of her thoughts. “In the morning I will take you home.” Taya put out her cigarette and walked into another room.

Barbara looked around the apartment, noting that it held only the mere necessities. Spartan almost. It was empty of the usual things—no personal items of any kind, no mementos, no photos. That she could almost understand. But, why no phone? Everyone had a phone in this day and age, didn’t they?

“The line keeps getting cut,” said Taya as she walked back into the room.

Barbara looked at her questioningly.

Taya looked toward her as she set down two plates on the table. “I figured that was the next question.”

Barbara relaxed a little as she saw the smile that now covered the woman’s face. Quite suddenly she noticed the beauty of her dark-haired rescuer. “Hope you like pasta.” She looked at the woman in front of her and wondered what she was doing living here. There was a strength and arrogance about her that only seemed to accentuate her exotic beauty.

“Yes, thank you,” Barbara said as she began to relax some more.

“Take your coat off.”

Barbara looked down then back at Taya.

“Did they hurt you?” Taya walked up to her and pulled the coat open, not waiting for Barbara to answer. She then looked up into Barbara’s blue eyes. “Just your modesty,” Taya said softly in almost a whisper as she looked back down at Barbara’s exposed breasts. Her eyes lingered for a moment then looked back up at the frightened woman again. “Come with me.”

Taya walked into another room and Barbara followed quietly. She really had no choice at this point. She reasoned that the woman in front of her, up to now, had only been kind; she would have to have faith that the kindness would continue. In her present state of mind that was what she needed to believe.

Barbara walked into a large bedroom. Again she noticed the bareness of the room. The bed was king-sized and looked clean. Next to it was a nightstand with a lamp and a digital clock. This woman obviously only believed in the bare essentials and nothing more, and yet somehow it didn’t seem like her.

Taya opened another door, which turned out to be the closet, and pulled out a black T-shirt, holding it up for her to take.

Barbara looked at the shirt then at Taya.

“Thank you.” Barbara took the T-shirt. Taya put her hand out again. Barbara seemed confused.

“Your coat.” Taya waited for Barbara to take off her mink coat. When Barbara seemed to hesitate she added, “I will hang it up. You will get it back when I take you home tomorrow.”

Barbara smiled shyly and took off the coat that had covered her partial nakedness.

Taya looked again at the woman in front of her with admiration. She then looked up to meet Barbara’s eyes. This time, there was no mistaking the intent or the sexual desire in Taya’s eyes.

Barbara took a step back and turned around as Taya approached her. Taya stopped mere inches away from the woman who seemed to be trembling from fear, waiting to see what she would do next.

“If I wanted to hurt you I would have already,” Taya whispered into her ear. “Come, let’s eat. I’m hungry.”

Taya walked out of the room as Barbara quickly slipped the long T-shirt on.



Barbara followed Taya to the kitchen and was not surprised to find it almost as empty as the rest of the apartment.

Taya stood in front of the microwave waiting for the food that they were to consume to be done. She turned at that instance and was taken aback for a moment at seeing Barbara.

“Can I help with dinner?”

Taya saw that Barbara was trying to keep it together and the strain was beginning to show in the lovely woman’s face.

“Not much to do. I don’t cook,” Taya said, turning to open a drawer. “You could put these on the table.” She handed Barbara two forks and two knives.

Barbara took them and Taya noticed how she tried to avoid the mere contact of skin.


“I have some wine if you would like some with the pasta.”

“Yes, that would be lovely,” Barbara said, caught off guard by the sudden smile on the Taya’s face. “What?”

“Do you always speak that way?” Taya asked jokingly.

“What way?” Barbara sounded peeved.

“That would be lovely…” Taya snickered.

She stared at the blonde for a moment. The forlorn look on Barbara’s face made her feel bad about the fun she had poked at the other woman’s expense.

Barbara left the kitchen but before she walked out Taya noticed tears in those beautiful blue eyes.

“Fuck,” Taya said under her breath. She walked around the kitchen like a cat and when she was about to go to the other room to…to do what? The microwave signaled that dinner was done.

She brought the whole platter of pasta and placed it between the two plates on the table.

Barbara was standing by the window looking out into the dark street below.

“Why did you bring me here?” she asked softly, still looking out into the night.

Taya turned toward the woman, unsure how to answer such a simple question. Why not tell her the truth? she asked herself. Tell her why you brought her here.

“Are you going to give me back to them when you are done?” Barbara asked softly, still with her back to her.

“No,” Taya finally answered. “I won’t do that.”

Barbara turned toward her and raised her chin defiantly but the whole posture was lost when Taya saw the tears she was trying to control.

“In the morning I will take you home,” Taya said softly and put her hand out for Barbara to take. “Come, dinner will get cold.”

Barbara hesitated defiantly for a mere minute but the point was made and taken.

Taya took the soft hand in hers. Something inside her regretted the separation when she released it a moment later.



They ate in relative silence. Barbara barely touched her food but consumed the wine.

“Eat,” Taya said as she lifted the fork to her mouth.

“I’m not very hungry.” Barbara remained looking at her food. She had not looked at Taya since sitting down to eat.

“More wine?”

“No, thank you.”

Taya smiled at the woman across from her. Even at this time she never forgot her manners. The smile quickly disappeared when Barbara looked up and Taya saw the fear she was trying to control.

“Are you going to hurt me?”

“Do you like pain?” Taya asked her point-blank.

“No,” Barbara answered, visibly trying to control her fear.

“No, I won’t hurt you,” Taya said as she stood up and picked up her plate. She was walking out of the room when she suddenly stopped. With her back to Barbara she spoke. “Don’t try running out of the apartment…you won’t get very far and this time I might not be able to find you in time.”

“What will be the difference?” Barbara said harshly, letting some of her anger express itself.

Taya quickly turned to face her. All the coldness of her eyes was directed sharply at Barbara, who was taken aback by the look.

“You are going to like it and you will be alive in the morning,” Taya said with a voice as cold as steel.

Barbara stared at her for a moment. “You are not like them,” she said as her voice shook with controlled fear.

An evil smile appeared in Taya’s face. “No, I am worse because I know better.”

Barbara could find nothing to say to that but shook her head and began to go for the door.

Taya put the plates back on the table and reached the door at the same time Barbara did.

Barbara turned around with her back against the door, and Taya’s body pressed against hers. Barbara’s eyes filled with unshed tears and her lower lip began to shake.

Taya looked at her mouth and like a spell pulling her she was powerless to stop the beckoning. At first she touched Barbara’s lips softly with her own. She could feel them quiver and the thought of that intoxicated her. All the reason she had fought so hard to keep control of disappeared.

Slowly she kissed the soft, warm mouth that she had tried so hard not to look at during dinner. And as before, her senses were filled yet again with the softness of the woman in her arms. Her mouth trailed down Barbara’s neck slowly, sucking and biting lightly at the soft skin. Then she buried her face again in the blond woman’s hair and she was powerless to stop the moan of pleasure that escaped her mouth.

Her lips brushed Barbara’s ear and again sought those lips that had cast their spell on her. This time, when her mouth covered Barbara’s she was surprised when her lips opened and she felt the woman in her arms leaning against her.

Taya’s hand cupped Barbara’s breast and lightly squeezed it as her other hand went behind Barbara’s back to pull her closer to her still. Her mouth was in overdrive and it hungered. She pulled away and tore off Barbara’s T-shirt, leaving her with breasts totally exposed.

Taya’s mouth went down on a nipple, sucking on it hard as her hand went down and cupped Barbara’s ass, pulling her against her.

“Ahhhhh…” Barbara moaned as her head fell back, reeling with sensations of pleasure she had never known existed.

Impatient that she could not get enough of Barbara fast enough, Taya released her and started pulling her slacks and underwear to the floor.

Barbara was in a daze as she watched Taya remove her clothing, then met Taya’s eyes as her mouth was coming up again to ravage her own. Barbara’s hands reached for Taya’s face and pulled her to her.

Taya captured her lips and pulled her hard against her own body, walking her backward to the bedroom. She fell on top of Barbara on the bed and again began to kiss and bite and suck on the beautiful body beneath her.

Barbara, who had never experienced such pleasure, wantonly begged Taya not to stop.

Taya’s mouth kissed down over her abdomen and Barbara’s intake of breath was the only sign of surprise as Taya began to suck her hard between her legs. Barbara’s head rolled from side to side as wave after wave of orgasms filled her body. When she cried out in pleasure Taya’s fingers thrust inside her, bringing her even higher than she had ever imagined possible.



Barbara lay in blissful state of ecstasy. As her eyes focused she felt her dark-haired partner lie on top of her and kiss her mouth ardently. Her eyes opened and were met by those dark eyes that had earlier filled her with dread.

“I want to make you mine,” Taya said passionately.

“Yes,” Barbara said and nodded as she kissed those lips above her again.

She was surprised when Taya got up and removed all her clothes and stood in front of Barbara in all her glory. Barbara took in the whole woman. Her thighs were strong and her body was chiseled. Her eyes traveled to full breasts whose nipples were hard and begging to be sucked. Barbara’s mouth opened in anticipation. Her own hunger surprised her as her eyes sought Taya’s.

Taya pulled open the drawer on the nightstand, never releasing Barbara’s eyes from her own. She pulled out a harness with a large dildo attached to it. Barbara stared at it then at Taya.

Taya strapped on the harness and as she tightened it Barbara’s breathing became strained. Taya could see in her eyes that her passion was being replaced by fear. Taya quickly spread Barbara’s legs and got on top of her but did not enter her. She hovered over Barbara and waited.

“No rush…I want to look at you, my beautiful lover,” Taya said in a voice filled with passion. “I want to go inside you slowly and take my time. I won’t rush you.” Her mouth began to tease one of Barbara’s nipples by licking it hard with her tongue. Slowly she began to feel Barbara’s body respond to her caresses.

“I won’t fuck you until you ask me,” Taya said to reassure the woman beneath her. “And you are going to ask me, querida mía.” Taya growled as she began to suck on Barbara’s hard nipple, her other hand squeezing the other nipple unmercifully.

“Taya, oh God! Taya!” Barbara moaned unable to stand the onslaught of pleasure. Her hips rose, begging for the pleasure that penetration would provide. Barbara could not hold off any longer. “Fuck me. Please fuck me,” Barbara begged.

Taya filled her in one powerful thrust. “Ahhhh…” Taya thought she would come in that one moment. Never had she experienced such pleasure in this degree with any other woman. She felt Barbara’s legs come up around her and both bodies began to ride the pumping action with harder and harder thrusts.

“Come with me…oh God, come with me, I can’t hold it anymore,” Taya growled in desperation.

“Yes, Taya…fuck me. Please fuck me,” Barbara begged. Her words became moans of pleasure that she could no longer control.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Both women yelled in unison.



Shots rang out during the night and Barbara woke up with a start. She looked around the dark room. She could hear more shots not too far away and loud voices.

An arm wrapped itself around her abdomen and pulled her back against a warm, hard body. “Come, querida, nothing will hurt you.”

Taya pulled her closer to her and she felt completely protected from the horrors of the night. She felt a light kiss on her ear. “Sleep, querida. I won’t let anything hurt you.”

Barbara smiled as her eyes closed and pulled the arms around her closer to her and sleep was once again welcomed.

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