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Finding Her Way by Riley Jefferson

Jerrica Kerrison has a fantastic job as an accountant at a top Boston company, owns her own townhouse and drives a sports car. The one thing she doesn’t have and desperately wants is love. Jerrica is wary though. She’s had an abusive marriage and her first relationship with a woman was a disaster. Will Jerrica ever find the love she so badly needs? More to the point, will Jerrica ever allow herself to open up to the concept of love after being hurt?

Madison Jeffrey’s PR job in the the south has kept her away from family pressures, that is, until her boss relocates to New England. Madison now has no choice but to face up to her family, in particular, the sister who hates her.

When Jerrica and Madison first meet, they are both immediately attracted to one another. Eventually, they spend a fantastic, passionate, love filled night together. But, the following morning, Jerrica runs from Madison without saying goodbye and disappears. Madison is confused and hurt by her behavior. Why would Jerrica do that when they were so well suited and getting along so well?

So many questions needing to be answered. Both Jerrica and Madison are hiding secrets from the past. Only by confronting their pasts and their fears can they each move on, but will they see sense? Or will they miss out on the opportunity of true love forever? If only Jerrica can can come to terms with opening her heart to receive love and Madison can believe she is deserving of love, things could be smooth sailing for them both.

This is Riley Jefferson’s debut book. The book is well written and clips along at a steady pace. Both main characters, Jerrica and Madison, are multidimensional and the secondary characters really add to the story, especially Lauren, Jerrica’s assistant. Riley wrote about the characters so well that I felt their emotions radiating from the page, which in turn made me want to slap some and hug others. I won’t add in any spoilers, that wouldn’t be fair. I did find parts of the story a touch unbelievable, but then again, it is fiction and not based on fact.

There are sex scenes that are well placed, tastefully written and hot, which added just the right amount of spice to the romance without overshadowing it.

I thought the ending was a little abrupt, although there isn’t a cliff-hanger. I would like to know more of Jerrica and Madison’s future, if they have one. A sequel would be welcomed. 

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