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Arsenic and Victoria's Secret

1st Chapter:



The woman, dressed in black from head to toe, stood at her bedroom window, and watched as people came to her home.


“Looks like the entire town will be here for the visitation and funeral.”


“Everybody loved Sam,” Ruth Perkins, the woman’s mother said soothingly.


“They didn’t have to live with him, Mother.”


“Shhh, Victoria, someone will hear you.”


The woman turned, her blue eyes flashing with hatred for the man laid out in the parlor downstairs. “He was a cruel, evil man and I am glad he’s dead. Those people don’t have the scars from the torture that man put me through. If only they knew the truth.” The vehemence of the words echoed throughout the room.


There was a soft knock on the door before it opened. Janie Dawson, Victoria’s longtime friend smiled fondly toward her. “Victoria, people are asking for you.” The gently spoken words held nothing but love and compassion. “Why don’t you come downstairs with me?”


Victoria’s anger abated as she smiled affectionately at the woman standing in the doorway. “Thanks, Janie, I will be down shortly.” She then turned back toward her mother. “Are you coming with me?”


“Darling, this is not the time to air your dirty laundry. Sam is gone and it is time for you to honor his memory.”


“No, I will never do that.”


Her mother rose from her chair, went to her, and took her in her arms. “You will do what you must. No one must question your love or devotion for your husband.” She stepped back and looked directly into her daughter’s eyes. “You understand, don’t you?”


“Yes,” Victoria said quietly. “I will be the perfect grieving wife.”


Janie moved closer to Victoria and laced her arm through her friend’s and pulled her close. “You lean on me if it gets too much for you,” she whispered. “Your mother is right, this is not the time to defame him.”


“I know.”


Victoria’s mother took her other arm. “You’ll get through this, Janie and I will see to it."


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