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Through The Darkness by Erin O’Reilly

Loner, Becca Cameron, lives thirty five miles from her place of work at Eastman Corporation, in a one hundred year old farmhouse her great grandfather had built.

After a terrible accident, which is when Becca ended up living alone, she knows she has to accept the situations she can’t change. But deep down in her heart, Becca yearns to meet her soul mate. Love is the only thing that will make Becca’s life complete.

Vice President of Eastman Corporation, thirty four year old Chase Hunter, is the youngest person to attain the coveted title of Vice President. For Chase, work always comes first, she has little time for friends or relationships.

When Becca and Chase meet, there is a strong mutual attraction. So strong, it’s electrifying. Could Becca and Chase be soul mates?

Both Becca and Chase begin to relegate work to second place in their lives. Will the two previous workaholics follow through with their new ideals of a life outside of Eastman Corporation?

Little known to Becca and Chase there is an outside force fast at work. They are being watched. But by whom? Will their love be strong enough to withstand their fear of the unknown?

I know when I pick up a book by Erin O’Reilly, I’m already on to a winner. However, with this book, she’s really excelled herself. Quite honestly, I think it’s her best book yet. But.....I’ve thought that before about Erin’s books. I simply love her writing.

The plot is tight and strong. It’s well written and is a page turner from the outset. I made the big mistake of starting this book last thing at night. I was up until the early hours reading it feverishly to get to a part where I could stop. Well, I never found that part until the very end. Even then I wanted more.

There is just something about the characters and the story that pulled me right in from the outset. Both Becca and Chase are obviously made for one another. They are multidimensional and are supported by a terrific cast of secondary characters all essential in moving the story forward at a nice steady pace.

If you are looking for an exciting story with a beautiful and tender romance, look no further. This is it. Several days have passed since I finished this book and I’m still thinking about these characters. This is a definite re-read for me.

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