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Terry's reviews from 2013

December Reviews

Beginning of the End by Alane Hotchkin

Galveston 1900: Swept Away

Wolf at the Door by Erin O'Reilly

Torn Deep by JM Dragon

I Still Remember by Harper Bliss

A Time of Grace by Gabriella West

In Reflection by Angela Peach

The Reunion by Susan X Meagher

Mistletoe by Lyn Gardner

The Hell of Osirak by Jaye Rothman

November Reviews

Black-Hearted Bitch by Lynn Kear

Bound by Ali Spooner

Connection by Kim Pritekel

The End Game JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

The Ball by Alane Hotchkin

Rapture: Sins of the Sinner by AC Henley and Fran Heckrotte

October Reviews

My Fair Maiden by Del Robertson

For The Love Of Indiana by Natalie Vivien

Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart

Paradox of Love by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

The Horde by Linda Kay Silva

Backcountry by Trin Denise

A New Leash On Life by Suzie Carr

Bleeding Hearts by Lindy Cameron

A Walk Into Darkness by Jade Winter

One Foot Onto The Ice by Kiki Archer

Neither Present Time by Caren Werlinger

Epitaph by Ali Spooner

September Reviews

Blood Guilt by Lindy Cameron

Reality Dawn by Kate Genet

All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames

The Dildo In The Kitchen Drawer by Clare Ashton

Long Snows Moon by Stacey Darlington

Inner Compass by Margo Moon

Echoes of the Past by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Hidden Desires by TJ Vertigo

Glass Lions by JD Glass

August Reviews

Graceful Waters by BL Miller and Verda Foster

Dove by Rain McAlistair

Fox Afield by Robin Roseau

Walking the Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart

Wind and Dreams by Linda North

Gretel A Fairy Tale Retold by Niamh Murphy A Novella

counting down the seconds by Freya Publications and When Sally Met Sally

Landslide by Diane Marina

Fatal Hesitation by JM Dragon

Till There Was You by S. Anne Gardner 

Sin No More by Syd Parker 

Denial by Jackie Kennedy 

July Reviews

Life Rewired by Lynn Galli

Magical Echo by Linda Kay Silva

American Yakuza II by Isabella

Andy's Song by Beth Burnett

A Delicate Refusal by TT Thomas

Nocturnes by JD Glass

When Hell Meets Heaven by JM Dragon

June Reviews

In This Small Spot by Caren J Werlinger

Grand Theft Equine by Margo Moon

The Blue Hour by Beatrice Donahue - A Novelette

Shadow Box by Kim Pritekel

The Crush by Susan X Meagher

A Window in Time - A Novella by JM Dragon

Rayne's New Beginning by Dannie Marsden

A Guardian's Passion by Stein Willard

May Reviews

Finding Home by Ali Spooner

Hot Line by Alison Grey

Irrevocable by Kate Genet

From The Boots Up by Andi Marquette

Soul Kiss by Ali Spooner

Curse of Cache La Poudre by Kelli Jae Beali

That Kiss by Erin O'Reilly A novella 

Private Dancer by TJ Vertigo

April Reviews

Also Known As Rising and Falling by Kelli Jae Baeli

Red Hot Stone Cold by Trin Denise - A Novella

After Shadow by Kim Pritekel

Close Enough by Harper Bliss

The Rainey Season by RE Bradshaw

Miss-Match by Erica Lawson and A.C. Henley

March Reviews

Broken Star by Joann Lee

Disbelief by Kate Genet

Also Known As Syzgy by Kelli Jae Baeli

Vivien and Rose by T.T Thomas

Cowgirl Up or Sell The Horses by Ali Spooner

No Ordinary Love by Harper Bliss

Binding Devotion by Kiki Archer

Passion for Vengeance by Patty G. Henderson

Someone Like You by Syd Parker

Infinity's Song by Penelope Grey

The Very Thought of You by S. Anne Gardner (A novella)

February Reviews 

Casting Shadows by RJ Samuel

Aftermath by Ann McMan

Clara's Story by Doreen Perrine

Iz's Journey by Doreen Perrine

Ice by Lyn Gardner

Miserere by Caren J. Werlinger

In Name Only by JM Dragon

Miriam & Esther by Sherry Barker

January Reviews:

Fire and Ice by Ali Spooner

Slices of Life by Georgia Beers

Manhattan Moon-A novella by Jae

Fool for Love by Harper Bliss

The Discreet Lesbian by Mackenzie Stone

A Christmas Day to Remember by Trin Denise

Undisclosed Desires by Harper Bliss

McKee by A.C. Henley


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