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In Reflection by Angela Peach

Aoife Carmichael is just a regular girl. Shy and a bit of an introvert, but she’s just met the man of her dreams. All this changes when she takes a hallucinogenic drug at a party. The cup of spiked herbal tea ensures that her life will never be the same again.

This story is all about Aoife and finding her inner self, her dark side or her evil self, whichever way this experience can be described. Her dark side takes complete control over her life after she persuaded Aoife to swap places with her. Aoife is locked inside of her own head with no way out. She can only watch helplessly while her dark side completely destroys everyone she cares for and loves.

Aoife’s best friend and roommate Sarah, senses something is wrong with Aoife. But Aoife seduces her and Sarah falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Aoife’s dark side has plans for Sarah.

Will Aoife be able to get rid of her other self? Will she be able to get her life back before it’s been totally destroyed by her evil side. Or is Aoife trapped, locked inside herself forever?

On the whole, this is an exciting and emotionally charged psychological thriller. A  book along the lines of Jekyll and Hyde. The main characters are multi-faceted and fully formed. They are bolstered by a cast of well written secondary characters that enhanced the story and progressed it along. There are lots of ups and downs throughout, making this book a roller coaster ride.

There was one thing that spoilt this book for me quite early on. What I thought was totally a lesbian fiction book, has graphic hetero sex in it. Although I skipped over it, I spent the rest of the book dreading more such scenes cropping up.

For anyone liking a good psychological thriller with a twist, this is a good book to read. Angela Peach has really got into the mind of Aoife and her evil side.

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