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Torn Deep by JM Dragon


A Novella

Archeologist, Susan Callahan, specializes in ancient history. Her life is pretty much good. When Susan is hired as a consultant to verify the authenticity of some works of art that she knows are in the Smithsonian Institution, she smells a rat and refuses the commission. Susan has no idea of knowing that her life is about to change forever.


Susan is subsequently kidnapped and then thrown off a boat and left to drown. Fortunately Susan is rescued by a mysterious woman called Zea. Although Susan can barely see Zea without her missing glasses, she feels an immediate affinity towards her.


When Susan returns to her well ordered life, she can’t forget Zea. She has wild fantasies about her and would dearly love to meet her again. Five years and many unanswered letters and messages later, Susan is beginning to give up hope of ever meeting Zea again.


When Susan has an unexpected encounter with a woman at a museum, she begins to let her thoughts of Zea go in order to begin living her life again. But will she be able to?


Another winner from the talented JM Dragon. Far too short for my liking of course, but then I’m greedy and can’t get enough of JMD’s well written and thought out stories.


The story was a page turner from start to finish. Susan is the main character and she is easy to get to know. She interacts well with other minor characters that are all essential in the progression of the story.


There is a lot packed into this short and exciting book. There are twists and turns throughout that surprised me, which added to my enjoyment and an ending I never expected. I would dearly love to see these characters again sometime. I feel they have a lot more to offer.


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