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My name is Terry and Affinity is hosting this page for my reviews of stories from Indie publications and small publishers. This page does not reflect any opinion of the Affinity Management and is my personal opinion only. 

I write reviews of some of the lesbian fiction books I read. My reviews can also be found on Affinity Ebooks NZ, Amazon, Goodreads and some of the Yahoo chat groups. I only read and review lesbian fiction that does NOT contain hetero sex scenes. Preferably written by lesbians for lesbians. I reserve the right to refuse to read and review any book without explanation. Please do not send me books for review without contacting me first at this email address. :


Terry's reviews from 2013

Terry's reviews from 2012

Terry's reviews from 2011


December Reviews

Barring Complications by Blythe Rippon

Wicked Things, Editors Jae and Astrid Ohletz

Out of Whack by Susan X. Meagher

Claire's Song The Storyteller and the Healer by Sunny Alexander

The One by JM Dragon


November Reviews

If I Were A Boy by Erin O'Reilly

Love Is Enough by Cindy Rizzo

To Love Free by Chris Paynter

As Years Go By by Harper Bliss

Memoirs Of The Happy Lesbian Housewife by Lorraine Howell

Second Thoughts by Jade Winters

Sharpshooter by Leslie Murray

Cowgirl Up by Ali Spooner



October Reviews

Pigeon Post by Jae

Starting Over by Jen Silver

by Jennis Slaughter

Hero Worship by Rebekah Matthe

A Sister's Wish ws

Still Life by L.T. Smith

All You Can Eat Editors/Chefs: Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle

Shadows Of The Heart by Patty G. Henderson

Reece's Faith by TJ Vertigo

Nesting by Renee MacKenzie




September Reviews

Malodorous by Del Robertson

There Was A Time by Jen Silver

Forevermore by Lynn Galli

Eight Dates by Lori L. Lake

French Lessons by Natalie Vivien

Deserted Echo by Likda Kay Silva

Stay With Me by Lydia Rose

Twisted Lives by Ali Spooner



August Reviews

Second Chances by M.E. Tudor

The Ghost of a Chance by Natalie Vivien

From The Hat Down by Andi Marquette

French Kissing by Harper Bliss

Faking It by Jade Winters

Loved and Lost by Stephanie Kusiak

Desert Blooms by Dannie Marsden

Cold and Lonely, Lovely Work of Art by S. Anne Gardner

Made to Love by Syd Parker


July Reviews

Her by Lisa Ron

Caught and Kept by Penelope Grey 

Inside Out by Susan X Meagher 

The Death Zone Murder on Mount Everest by Trin Denise 

Surviving Reagan by Isabella 

Ladysmith by Rhavensfyre 

Wetter Than Wet by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox 

Stars Collide by HP Munro 

Cold by Alison Carpenter 

Finding Her Way by Riley Jefferson


June Reviews 

Veritas by MJ Duncan 

Mac vs PC by Fletcher Delancey 

Wet by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox 

Tune-Up by Trin Denise and Brett Maddox 

She Sings Of Old, Unhappy Far-Off Things by Caren J. Werlinger 

Demon Hunter by Linda Kay Silva 

WILD The Wild will tame you by Kim Pritekel and Alex Ross 

In A Heartbeat by RJ Nolan 

That Certain Something By Clare Ashton 

Bayou Justice by Ali Spooner 

May Reviews


Say Something by Jade Winters

Killing Rosa by Lynn Kear

Second Chances by MJ Duncan

The Love Sucks Club by Beth Burnett

Grace Falls by H.P. Munro

Hearts and Flowers Border by LT Smith  

First Blood by JD Glass  

Second Chance by Taylor James  

Colde and Rainey by RE Bradshaw 

Deep Merge by Linda North 

Letting Go by JM Dragon 



April Reviews


Rebound by Lynette Mae

Lessons in Love by Jae

Scarlet Assassin by Isabella, writing as Jett Abbott

London Calling by Clare Lydon

Give Me A Reason by Lyn Gardner

Fervent Charity by Paulette Callen

Requiem by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Out of Retirement by Erica Lawson

When You Know by Kiki Archer

March Reviews

Ticket to Paradise by Joann Lee

Wicked Attraction by Joann Lee

Charity by Paulette Callen

Exception to the Rule by Cindy Rizzo

Winter on Spring Street by Stacey Darlington

Caught by Love by Jade Winter

Kickers Journey by Lois Cloarec Hart

Mob Rule by Linda Kay Silva

Switching Gears by Rhavensfyre

A Place Somewhere by RJ Samuel

Sugarland by Ali Spooner


February Reviews

Echo's Revenge by Linda Kay Silva

Flight by Kate Christie

Unbreakable by Joann Lee

Guilty Hearts by Jade Winters

Summer's End by Harper Bliss

See Right Through me by LT Smith

Year of Monsoon by Caren J. Werlinger

Absolution by S. Anne Gardner

Fire and Ice by Gaëlle Cathy

Interludes by JD Glass

My Everything by Alane Hotchkin. 


January Reviews


Perfect Earth by Kate Genet

Dragon Dawn by Kate Genet

One-Two-Oh by AC Henley

Falling For Hope by Natalie Vivien

Heat of July by Joann Lee

The Widow of Sandcastle Cove by Stacey Darlington

Remember Me by Syd Parker

Bailey's Run by Ali Spooner

Sandcastles by Erin O'Reilly

Andy Unwrapped by Riley Adair Garret

Punk and Zen: The ReMix by JD Glass

Through the Darkness by Erin O'Reilly


December Reviews

Beginning of the End by Alane Hotchkin

Galveston 1900: Swept Away

Wolf at the Door by Erin O'Reilly

Torn Deep by JM Dragon

I Still Remember by Harper Bliss

A Time of Grace by Gabriella West

In Reflection by Angela Peach

The Reunion by Susan X Meagher

Mistletoe by Lyn Gardner

The Hell of Osirak by Jaye Rothman


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