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JM Dragon originally from the UK, now a New Zealand citizen, living in the beautiful Canterbury countryside on a lifestyle block.

She loves to garden and has over 140 chickens of various breeds to take care of, along with two alpacas Cherokee and Comanche. Plus, three adorable cats, her babies. Called Katie, Maxwell smarty pants (Because he is), and Mr. Ginge. When not taking care of the property she has business interests in Affinity eBook Press and of course a love of writing.

Currently published by Affinity Rainbow Publications, her books include, At Last, Breaking the Silence, the Promise, the best-selling Fix-it Girl, the Destiny series, and the 2015 GCLS winner, The One. Plus, many more. Her various collaborations with Erin O’Reilly include the popular When Hell Meets Heaven Series.

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S. Anne Gardner: With a vast array of varied life experiences S. Anne has a wide array of story ideas that she often weaves into riviting storylines that takes the reader on some unexpected rides. She has lived all over the world and is now permanently living on the East Coast of the Unit ed States although she does still like to travel. She has a love that fills her heart and children who fill her life. She works in the field of finance and is a published author. Her published works include Por Amor, For the Love of a Woman, An Affair of Love and Compensation. She enjoys sailing, horseback riding, art, traveling, reading, and writing. Her family, her friends, and her music fill her life in a world that is her own.

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Dannie Marsden: Let me introduce myself, I am Dannie, a butch-identified writer. I am committed to a beautiful woman, have three wonderful children and one adorable granddaughter.

I started writing about ten years ago and of course, my stories are centered on, what else...beautiful lesbian women. I try to write about strong women with vulnerabilities and soft caring who compliment, understand and support them. I hope I convey the many levels women have and the beauty of each level.

Contact Dannie at and visit her website at 


Erin O'Reilly: First challenged by a friend to write a story, Erin has since written numermous online and publish works. Her story, Deception,was a GCLS Finalist in 2008. That book also garnered the Sapphic Readers Award in 2009. Story creation involving strong characters always seems to dictate the story and invade her mind at all hours. It always amazes her when the characters she is developing suddenly take on a life of their own and lead the story down a completely different path. She thinks that, when all is done, the characters make an impact on the storylines, and the story is better for it.

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KB Belmar: Born and raised in Missouri, has been living in the Austin, TX area for the past 5 years with her youngest daughter. She is also the mother of another daughter who has given her three beautiful grandchildren. While growing up, KB had never really liked to read but had written a few short stories when she was a teen. It wasn’t until 2006 when she started reading fanfiction online that she started to enjoy reading. KB dreams of living in a beach home someday where she hopes the sights and sounds of the ocean will inspire many stories to write.




Del Robertson:  Del Robertson: To those who know her best, Del is an unapologetic jokester. Her wicked sense of humor can be found throughout her numerous award-winning stories on the net. As a military brat, Del has lived all over the world and has been exposed to many different people and cultures. It is from these past travels that she draws the characters that populate her stories. Del currently resides in Texas.

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TJ Vertigo:  TJ Vertigo: TJ was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and is 47 years old. Fronted an all girl rock band, did my time in Corporate America, but found my dream job working in animal care for the last 13 years. I love my dogs like they came from my vagina. Love to travel. Cancer survivor. I'm a good thing in a small package. :)

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A.C. Henley: A.C. has passed but her work as an author and the love that she had for those she cherished in her life lives on. Bridgette (A.C.) loved to read and discuss works with other authors into the wee hours of the morning. Her greatest passion was being an Artisan baker and worked at the Paris Bakery in Paris, Texas. She also liked photography and had a great eye as to what was the best picture to shoot. She was greatly loved by her family and friends and is greatly missed. Although A. C. is no longer with us, her written words are still available. 

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Linda Crist:  Linda Crist is the author of reader favorite the Kennedy and Carson series (which begins with The Bluest Eyes in Texas), and 2006 Goldie award finalist, Galveston 1900: Swept Away, as well as short stories in two anthologies, and thousands of pages of online fan fiction.  She is the recipient of numerous online writing awards, including the Royal Academy of Bards Lifetime Achievement Award and Hall of Fame awards, Xippy awards, Bard's Challenge awards, and Swollen Bud awards. She was also on the Xena Subtext Virtual Season staff, and on the staff of the Orlando BardCon, which ran for four years at Walt Disney World.

A 4th generation Texan, Linda started writing at an early age by composing picture stories on the church bulletin. She holds a Journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin, where she interned with the Lady Longhorns Sports Information Office. After college,  she worked for two years as a section editor with the Dallas Times Herald.   Linda describes herself as a Xenite, Parrothead and general sci-fi/fantasy geek.  She is passionate about the environment, animal welfare, and the outdoors in general, and enjoys biking, hiking, beach-combing, kayaking, scuba diving, travel, photography, live music, micro-brews, good conversation over good coffee, and of course, writing. 

 Linda's Website is and readers can "friend" her on FaceBook at:




Jackie Kennedy:  Jackie lives in Scotland. She lives an ordinary life, doing ordinary things. Until she flips open her laptop...

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Erica Lawson is a “dinky di” Aussie, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, 57 years ago. She has worked as a secretary for most of her working life in a variety of interesting fields from a government scientific organization, the fire brigade, the film industry and finally, for the last 20 years, with a psychiatrist. Many of her friends will attest to the fact that she finally found her niche in the last job, gaining many helpful hints for her own state of mind.

Her first book, “Possessing Morgan”, was released in December 2009. It is a winner of the 2010 GCLS award for best thriller/mystery novel. Her second book “The Chronicles of Ratha: The Children Of The Noorthi”, a science fiction adventure, was released in December 2010 and a finalist in the 2012 GCLS Awards. Erica’s third novel, “Soulwalker” was released in February 2012, a Rainbow Award winner for Best Science-Fiction story of 2012, and a 2013 GCLS Finalist.

She has two new releases. “Miss-Match” (co-authored with A.C. Henley) came out in April 2013 through Affinity eBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Contact Erica at and visit her website at



Alane Hotchkin; If anyone knows where the birthplace of oil is in North America you will know exactly where I am talking about. I was born in Oil City, PA and later lived in Pittsburgh. You say do not know where Oil City is. Well imagine a tiny town population “two” directly between Pittsburgh & Erie, PA. I grew up with family always around (mostly male) and all with wicked senses of humor. My one cousin one day decided to see if his father’s (my uncle) car would float in the retention pond.

Okay, so now you also know where I got my sense of humor. My earliest childhood memory is driving to the store with my favorite uncle to buy his cigarettes & booze in his HUGE Cadillac with the top down, while listening to an eight track of Dolly Pardon’s Coat of Many Colors and so a little girl’s education was started. LOL

Side Note: Finally in 2005 I had to admit to myself and unwillingly to others that well….I’m a country hick even though all my life I tried to be a city girl. LOL

Went to college and majored in Accounting/Business Law/Economic Engineering and guess what, I ended up in the accounting field. Now tell me, how many people actually end up working in the field they studied for? The accounting let on to working at a bookstore for five years, a local television station for ten years and then onto where I am now. What can I say, I love numbers.

Contact Alane at and visit her website at


Ali Spooner is a native of Florida, currently living and working in Memphis, TN. Home for Ali is Pensacola, Florida where she has a partner of twenty years, one son and a grandchild that has her wrapped completely around her little finger. Her other children are all four legged, three dogs and two cats, and my dearest companion in Memphis, Rascal, a rescued tiger kitten named after my favorite country group.

A true daughter of the South, Ali enjoy spinning stories about the South, the strong, but gentle women and creatures that make it a wondrous place to live.

As an “Indie” author, Ali has been writing for many years as a hobby, and after a cancer diagnosis in 2010, she decided to take a leap and start self-publishing and has published over a dozen stories. Ali’s characters range from cowgirls and psychics, to a healthy dose of supernatural beings. She has written stand-alone titles and series. Ali frequently writes several stories at a time, depending on which characters are bouncing around loudest in her head.

Ali is an avid reader and her other hobbies include photography, outdoor activities and watching college sports.


FRAN HECKROTTE is the 2011 Winner of the Alice B. Readers Award. Her book (co-authored by A. C. Henley) Rapture, Sins of the Sinners placed second in the 2014 Rainbow Awards for Best Lesbian Fiction Crime/Thriller category and seventh Best Lesbian Fiction. Fran lives in the Sunny South with her husband, her dogs, fish, chickens, and geese. Her life experiences include living in Alaska, gold panning, bull riding, scuba diving, flying, training gaited horses and more. After spending five years in law enforcement, she switched to construction and eventually opened her own property management company. Favorite town is Montréal. Hobbies include gardening, beaches, skiing, photography and reading. Feel free to email her at



Lisa Ron, formally known as GabTBard around the ‘net, lives in northwest New Jersey with her wife, three sons, cats, dogs and grandogs. A solo librarian and adjunct faculty member at a small community college, Lisa is dedicated to helping people learn and, hopefully, to laugh along the way. She enjoys spending time with her family, sleeping, learning, TV, movies and, of course, books. This is her first book.





Riley Jefferson is the youngest of a family of four. She grew up in the simple life of New England. She loves to walk on the beach, read, write, and enjoy time with her family and friends. Riley still live in New England till this day with her loving wife, two cats, and one dog. 
Finding Her Way is Riley's first publication.  





After retiring from full time work, Jen thought she would spend her days playing golf, shooting arrows, reading, and enjoying quality time with her wife (not necessarily in that order). Instead, she started writing. Her debut novel, Starting Over, was published by Affinity Rainbow Publications in 2014. Jen now has ten published novels to her name, a number of short stories, and not as much time as she thought for other activities.

Book six, Running From Love, was shortlisted for a 2017 Diva Literary Award (Romance).

Book seven, Changing Perspectives, was a finalist for a 2018 Goldie Award (General Fiction).

Audio books include Changing Perspectives and Starting Over, both narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent.

For the characters in Jen’s stories, life definitely begins at forty, and older, as they continue to discover and enjoy their appetites for adventure and romance.

Take a look at Jen’s blog: or find her on:

Facebook: and Twitter: @jenjsilver



As a Navy brat, Renee lived on three continents before her family settled in Virginia. She currently resides in Southwest Florida with her partner, Pam, and their poodle, Sabrina. Renee works and plays in the swamp, where she enjoys wildlife photography and hiking. Even though Renee has been paid to do all sorts of jobs, ranging from dental assistant to bartender, data entry clerk to maintenance worker, and field sampler to pet-sitter, she insists she’s only had one job—writer—and all the rest has just been research.

Find her on Facebook or email her at Check out her blog at



Annette is an award-winning author, published by Affinity Rainbow Publications, who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. With seventeen published novels and one Goldie Award for her fourth novel, Locked Inside, she finally feels like a real author. Annette is as much a reader as a writer and is always looking for the next lesfic novel to queue up. She came up with the One Fan at a Time tagline, because it rolled off the tongue much better than One Reader at a Time. After pondering who she was at her core, it was all about connecting to each reader on a personal level. Annette would be the first to admit she doesn’t do well with the masses. If someone picks up her book and it touches them, she believes she has achieved what she wants with her writing by reaching each reader. It is who she is at her core.

Drop her a line, she loves to hear from readers:

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Lacey Schmidt is a first order nerd with a great love of psychology, fiction, poetry, photography, wildlife (including two dogs, two cats, and too many guppies to count), fast cars, random technology, and her wife. You can find Lacey on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ if you’re so inclined. Lacey also accepts any and all implied praise or encouragement directly by email at



Charlene Neil resides with her children in Cape Town, South Africa.

As a child she always had a wild imagination, and she sometimes still finds her mind in a parallel universe. Charlene loved to write poetry in school, and she also wrote a few songs for her music band when she was in high school. The band was just a rebel phase however, and luckily she soon returned to reality.

Currently, Charlene is working as a specialized case manager for a medical company. In her free time she loves to hike, read and spend time with her three children. She however lives to write. Once she starts, she finds that she can’t stop.

Her first novel, “The Prodigins”, was published by a South African publisher, Memories SA. It is a fantasy novel with the young reader in mind.

Charlene’s passion however lies with romance, and her interest in the Paranormal was inspired by events that happened to her in her life. The Presence is based on actual experiences.

Charlene is currently working on her third novel, which she is hoping to finish by the end of 2015.

Contact details:



Angela Koenig was born in California, raised in Nebraska, and now resides in Illinois. She has worked at a number of occupations including janitor, teacher, house painter, proofreader, and telephone operator.

A practicing autodidact, some of her interests are recent and ancient history, literature, Gaelic, and geology, yet when all is said and done, it’s reading that’s the point.

She always wanted to write, and there’s an unfinished novel about an orphan puppy started when she was in fifth grade, but it wasn’t until a little Apple made instant editing possible that the dam broke.

She believes that story is serious stuff, that through fiction we can see further and feel more deeply, and she hopes that her stories contribute to this goal. She is the author of Rebellion in Ulster and Rendezvous in the Himalaya. 


Natalie London lived for three years in northern Thailand working for the Peace Corps in a provincial hospital lab. She spent another year in Nepal and Laos, finally returning home to manage a hospital chemistry lab.

Natalie and a friend have maintained two beehives for the last four years, an interesting and fun experience. Natalie enjoys swimming, biking, photography, playing her flute and during the cold winter months, snowshoeing.

She and her partner live with their rescued nine-year-old calico cat in southeast Wisconsin. 


Sam Hicks. I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Art and Huminites and when I am not writing or studying, I can be found with a pencil in my hand drawing pictures of wildlife, pets, and plenty of monkeys (I love monkeys!).

I have quite a few tattoos, and love getting out on my road bike or playing golf, weather permitting.

I am currently single, and have fallen in love many times with the characters I read in books by so many terrific authors. It is these stories that have inspired me to write down my own characters that have taken up residence in my head, clamouring to have their own love story told.

My biggest fears are heights and horses and I plan to one day conquer them both. I have a passion for reading, preferring it to almost anything, and hope to one day settle down by the beach.


Growing up in a land with a vast culture, Laura was surrounded by magical creatures, hidden between the pages of books ever since she was a small child. But the lack of strong female leads created a necessity in her for a different world without the current social boundaries. Pen and paper helped and now Laura lives in her magical but complicated worlds where she is sometimes visited by her cat.


When she acts like a normal human being, Laura works as promoter, organizing concerts and events. Her next goal is to start producing theater plays. 



C.S. Joseph is an Arizona native. She splits her time between her career in Supply Chain Management and raising her two boys. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and finding new adventures to embark upon with her friends and family.   






Kathleen Greyson was raised in Northwestern Ohio but has lived in New York, California, and currently Arizona. As a professional architect, she uses her creative side to design and build buildings. She enjoys writing, cooking and spending time with her daughter, friends, and family.     






K.L. Gallagher was born and raised in her beloved state of California, where she continues to live with her wife of eight years, two dogs and parakeet. Never shy to express her point of view, it was no surprise K.L. chose a career in law where she has earned a reputation as a fierce attorney during her 14 plus years of practice. But K.L. is far from all work and no play. She has been playing hockey since she was a pre-teen despite growing up in the middle of the Southern California desert with nary a rink in sight. She has captained numerous co-ed and all female teams to championships and earned a spot on a women’s travel team where she met her wife on her way to scoring the regional championship goal to send her team to the national championship tournament. When not in the courtroom, on the ice, or working on her next project, you can find K.L. enjoying family time with her wife and two dogs, curling up with a book, hiking, exercising, cooking, baking, watching sports, traveling, and binging on Netflix and Hulu.


K.L. has been a bookworm as far back as she can remember. She is drawn to strong, independent yet flawed characters with a good heart, even the anti-heroes that are hard to like at times. Her preferred genre is f/f romance and f/f general fiction, but one day she hopes to delve into the world of sapphic sci-fi to pay homage to her wife’s love of the genre. Until then, enjoy K.L.’s debut novel Hat Trick, co-written with Ali Spooner, which will be released by Affinity E-Books on October 1, 2021. You can reach K.L. on her Facebook page at and by email at






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