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My Fair Maiden by Del Robertson

A Novella

Swordswoman, Bodhi, rides into a tiny village. She wants to get out of the heat and to have some food and drink. She didn’t imagine she would be approached by a beautiful maiden in the tavern and invited to seduce her. But women do tend to throw themselves at her quite regularly, so she’s not altogether surprised. What is surprising is the reactions of the local people, including the gorgeous Gwen. Something is wrong, Bodhi just has to figure out what. Her mighty sword is no use without knowing what is going on in the village.

Beautiful virgin, Gwendolyn, (Gwen) is living a mundane existence, each day is filled with mundane chores. But......when an ugly ogre arrives in the village wanting a fresh and luscious virgin, Gwen is chosen as the offering served by her own villagers. Her days are numbered.

When the tall blonde swordswoman Bodhi arrives, Gwen hopes against hope that she will be the one to save her. Bodhi isn’t quite the hero Gwen envisaged saving her. She’s arrogant and rude, but she may be Gwen’s only chance against being the ogres next victim.

This is a beautifully written fairy tale with a difference. This one is for adults only. I loved both the main characters, Bodhi and Gwen. They are as different as night and day. Although this book is short, the story isn’t rushed at all and has a lot packed into it. It’s told in a typical fairy tale style. The beautiful maiden, the dashing hero and the nasty ogre. But in this case, the hero and potential rescuer of the maiden is a woman.

The story is a page turner from start to finish. The scenic descriptions enabled me to actually lose myself amongst the characters as the story unfolded. This is a sort of Grimm’s meets lesfic tale. Utterly delightful and hopefully the first of more tales in the same vein by Del Robertson. In fact, Bodhi and Gwen have only just started out on their journey, how about a sequel so we can follow them on their path?

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