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Dress Blues-Chapter 1

Chapter One

She looked so good standing up on the stage in her dress uniform, the ribbons decorating her chest and the medal shining. She stood so tall and straight; the pride shining in her eyes. God, the woman was hot! Yvette looked over the rest of the men and women who stood with Luce on that stage and none of the men looked as handsome as her Luce did. For sure none of the women even held a candle to her. Just what is it about a uniform that makes one go weak in the knees, let alone a police dress uniform? For Yvette a uniform was just a set of clothes, nothing special, and while the thought of a woman in uniform had its effect on her, the thought of Luce in any uniform got her down right wet.


Luce had the build for a uniform; she was tall, athletic, and was strong enough to bench press fifty pounds. Her very toned muscles were capable of taking down a two hundred pound man and still be gentle enough to hold any woman of her choice or a baby with the utmost tenderness. She was confident without being cocky and held a sense of duty and dedication very close to her heart. Yvette's eyes had been looking over the others on stage and brought them back to her partner in time to catch the striking blue eyes watching her with a smug smile on the square, yet feminine jaw. That was the smile that had gotten Yvette to agree to their first date. Yvette remembered she had been out at a bar with her friends at the insistence of one of them. They claimed there is this woman you just have to meet! After weeks of saying no, she finally gave in and agreed to join them.


The bar was crowded and noisy and the minute Yvette walked in, she regretted saying she would come. After a drink, she was ready leave. She hated bars like this and the perfect woman never showed. As she sat there a tingling feeling came over her. She looked over to the bar and saw an amazing set of blue eyes watching her.


One of her friends, Marcy, a beautiful blue eyed blonde, caught her looking in that direction; causally she tossed her golden hair and turned to see who Yvette was looking at. "Don't even bother, that's the Ice Queen. She always sits there drinking club soda, refusing anyone who offers to buy her a drink or asks for a dance."


"Who is she?" Yvette asked.


"I think her name is Luce." Marcy answered as she shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her drink. "Other than that, I don't think anyone knows. Ask Lindsey, she might know."


Before Yvette could decide whether she wanted to do that, a waitress with spiked blonde hair appeared with a drink for her saying, "Luce asked me to bring this to you. Told me to tell you she would be honored if you'd accept it."


"Thank you," Yvette said as she accepted the drink. She looked over to the tall, dark-haired woman who sat at the bar and nodded her thanks as she lifted the drink and then brought it to her lips.


Luce smiled immediately as Yvette's friends did a round of cheers while a couple of women shot daggers at both Yvette and Luce.


Yvette turned her attention back to her friends and the conversation at hand. The next time she looked over to the bar, the dark-haired woman was gone. For some reason, Yvette all of a sudden felt let down and ready to leave. Within the next hour or so her thoughts kept going back to the woman. Finally giving up, she told her friends that she was leaving saying, "Hey, ladies, my head is hurting and this smoke and pounding music isn't helping." As her friends wished her a safe trip home and waved bye, Yvette walked toward the door, the entire time hoping she would see the tall dark haired Ice Queen.


A week later, Yvette was driving down the freeway at a speed that was well above legal limits. It had been a bad day at work and she had been thinking about something stupid rather than paying attention to her speedometer. The next thing she knew, she saw lights flashing in her rearview and heard a siren blaring behind her. She pulled over at the next available area and felt tears form in her eyes...she hated women who used tears to get out of tickets. As she wiped at her tears, a knock at her window sounded and she rolled it down while reaching for her purse.


"Can I see your license, proof of insurance and registration please?" said the deep rich voice.


"I'm sorry, officer. I won't give you excuses for my speeding. I know I'm guilty. Here is all my information."


"Well, hi there. Good to see you again, Ms. Mendez."


"Do I know you?" Yvette asked, as she finally looked up at the officer standing outside her car door. The dark sunglasses framed the square-jawed, tan face of the dark haired woman from the bar a week before...the Ice Queen. "Oh. Hi," she said as a smile crept over her lips and she instantly felt warm inside.


"Sorry for having to stop you, but you were going just a little faster than you should. Actually, you were going a lot faster than you should," Luce said with a smile.


"I'm sorry. I don't have any excuse for it. I know I was speeding so just give me the ticket."


"Well, actually, if you promise to slow it down, I'll let you by with just a warning," Luce said with a dazzling smile.


"Oh, I promise!"


"Good. I'd like to ask you out to dinner sometime," Luce said as she took her sunglasses off.


"Oh, well, I'm not sure about that," Yvette said as she chewed on her lower lip, "I've just recently gotten out of a relationship and I'm not ready for anything," Yvette answered feeling a little guilty at the fact that said relationship ended two years earlier. She just didn't want to be played and from everything she had heard from her friends the other night, this gorgeous creature was a player. She remembered the name the woman was given and wonder why she had gotten it. She seemed to have had many women watching her and she certainly had a lot of them go up to her and try to strike up a conversation. They all were shot down in a heartbeat. Is that why she got the name? As soon as that thought entered her mind, she found herself wondering just what it would take to get that the woman. That was when Luce flashed that smile, the one that said 'oh you'll agree because I can tell you're interested'. The one that showed the confident, strong and cocky woman inside.


"It's just dinner. Not a lifelong commitment or anything like that. I promise," Luce said with a soft teasing tone in her voice and sparkle in her eyes,


"Well, okay. I suppose one dinner would be all right. Let me give you my address and phone number."


"I have it already, thanks."




"Here's your license and other things back. I'll give you a call after my shift, all right?" Luce said as she handed Yvette her things back before flashing that smile again.


"Oh, that's how you knew," Yvette said a tinge of red coloring her face. "And, I look forward to hearing from you Officer..."


"Sorry. Velasquez, Luce Velasquez. Drive safely now, all right? I'll give you a call later," Luce said as she put her glasses back on and stepped back from the car before walking to hers. Yvette watched the officer in her rearview. The gun belt hugged her hips and the dark blue shirt clung to her back up to her square shoulders. The way Luce's pants fit her long legs and butt made Yvette draw in a deep breath of appreciation.



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