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Denial by Jackie Kennedy

Dr Celeste Cameron is used to working in a war zone. Danger is no stranger to her. On Celeste’s return to America from Somalia after a particularly harrowing experience, Celeste meets Amy, her twin brother Josh’s fiancée. The two women don’t exactly hit it off right away.

When Celeste and Amy begin to spend time together, it’s apparent there is an attraction between them.The feelings Amy evokes in Celeste are far more dangerous to her well being than working in the war zone. Amy is beginning to feel the same, but is in complete denial. No matter how she feels, it may not be enough for her to cancel her wedding to Josh. So, what will the two women do?


This well written book is an absolute blockbuster. There is a little bit of everything in it. Humor, a touch of  the supernatural, heartbreak, angst, yes, a lot of angst, but at the same time as it’s heart aching, it’s heart warming and gives out hope. It is also hot and sexy, steaming hot in fact. It’s painful to read at times, but as soon as I thought, please, no more pain, I was actually laughing out loud. So, there is an excellent balance between the pain and the laughter.

The whole book is an intense and powerfully written masterpiece. Jackie Kennedy writes about extremely sensitive issues with sensitivity and understanding for the persons suffering .

This book is a real jewel in the crown of the lesbian fiction world, a true gem. 

The two characters, Celeste and Amy are both multidimensional and are so obviously made for each other. They are true soul mates in every sense. Unfortunately, their lives are far from easy. There is a wonderful wealth of minor characters, some playing larger parts than others, but equally as engaging as Amy and Celeste and absolutely essential to the progression of the story. All of these characters are so outstanding, that I’m still thinking about them over a week after finishing the book.

Although this is a long book, I wanted more. I definitely want to know more about Celeste and Amy and their lives.

I don’t say this often, but every now and then I read a book from a new author and I just know she will be a big hit. Jackie Kennedy is now on my to buy list for the future. This book is in my to be read again folder. Hopefully, very soon. 

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