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Till There Was You by S. Anne Gardner

Julia Alston-Vale is single and lives with her young niece Nicole. Julia is used to having her own way, is super rich and quite frankly isn’t very nice to people.

Theodora Greyson, (Teddy) her husband Edward and their son Sebastian had recently moved into an adjoining estate to Julia.

When Julia and Teddy meet, there is an immediate attraction between them. Teddy is quite baffled as to her feelings. Julia knows exactly what she feels though. The two women, although attracted to one another, are far from firm friends to begin with. When they do become friends eventually, their journey is filled with anguish, pain, highs and lows of emotions and a profound love that will rock the very core of them both and change their lives forever.

Another well written page turner from S. Anne Gardner. As with the other books of hers I’ve read, I got into the story right from the first page and was hooked right the way through.

The two main characters, Julia and Teddy are both multifaceted and interact well together. They are joined by a great cast of secondary characters essential to the progression of this tumultuous, turbulent story through to it’s ending. There are many twists and turns along the way, which kept me reading right the way through until I’d finished. This book left me wanting more than I actually got. It simply ended far too soon for me. I loved these characters. Days after I finished the book, I was still thinking about them.

This is more than a romance, much more. There are deep, dark secrets hidden away and when they are unleashed, they almost cause the death of someone. We learn that families are not always what they seem to be on the surface.

There are some great scenic descriptions, so it was easy to coast along with the characters and become immersed in the story with them.

I would like to have a sequel to this, so I can see how Julia, Teddy and their family live their lives after their return from Spain.

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