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Fatal Hesitation by JM Dragon


Part two of the When Hell Meets Heaven series

After their adventures in When Hell Meets Heaven, Private Detective, Olivia Santos and Psychologist Dr Amelia West, open up a new investigation business aptly named When Hell Meets Heaven. Olivia does all the investigating and Amelia sees to the psychological side of their business. Amelia’s side of their business hasn’t quite taken off though and she begins to question whether she should return to the convent or continue with her new life away from the church.

The new case Olivia takes on needs Amelia’s input to help her solve the mystery. The situation helps both Olivia and Amelia to solve the mystery and answers the questions Amelia has about their new working partnership.

As with most new businesses, there are teething troubles. It’s a rocky road for Amelia to begin with, it’s nice to see it smooth out along the way. Olivia herself, seems to fall right into the investigation side of the business, but she’s not infallible and this is where Amelia comes into her own.


Another well written part to this excellent series. It’s full of twists and turns and ups and downs with surprises along the way as we follow Olivia and Amelia in their new business venture.

At the heart of this book, there is a mystery to be solved and the journey Olivia and Amelia take to solve it is fun, dangerous and with a touch of humor too.

Both Olivia and Amelia are terrific characters, they interact well together and have an excellent chemistry between them. I’m really enjoying my second read of this series without the pressures of knowing how it all ends. 

I love this series and I’m amazed that it’s actually being offered free. Thank you JM Dragon and Affinity.

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