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The End Game-Chapter 1

Looking out of a grimy pane of glass to the warehouse across the street, a small satisfied smiled wreathed Parker's feature. Her eyes slowly moved to the monitor to the right and watched the flash of a small blip moving toward the center. "Soon my love, soon we’ll be together again," she whispered.


Parker Davis met Olivia Santos when they both were police officers for the Portsmouth PD. It wasn't long after that initial meeting that they became lovers in a tumultuous affair. Their intimate moments just as their arguments were passionate and intense. For Olivia, Parker was in her blood like an opiate that never satisfied her sexually, however unconsciously she wanted a more fulfilling relationship and Parker wasn't that person. When a crooked District Attorney arranged for the killing of Olivia's brother, an undercover cop, she became judge, juror, and executioner.


When the light reached the middle, she turned to the window again.


A black Jeep sat in front of a bay door of the warehouse as it folded upward. Soon the vehicle disappeared inside the building and the door rolled closed again.


The woman moved from the window to stand in front of one of the many large plasma screens and watched as the Jeep came to a stop and the driver exited. A hand went to the back of the driver's head and released hair from captivity. When the woman shook her head, much as a lion did to its mane, the observer held onto a table to still the raw emotions the scene evoked. "You always did that to me O."


When Olivia took a seat in front of her computer, Parker hit a few keys and the screen showed Olivia at her computer. As she watched what Olivia saw she said, "Yeah yeah, I know what you did today...give me something interesting."


When a rattling of the door signaled someone was entering the room, the woman didn’t turn—she knew who was there. "Have they started on the office?" she asked.


"Not yet," Dan Estevez said. "They had to wait for the shrink and midget to leave. Shouldn't be long now." He opened his phone and read a message. "They just signaled that the coast is clear and they're going in."


"Is the plumber at the switching station?"


"Yes. Once he gets the signal, the power will go out. The team needs about forty-five minutes max."


"Did you reiterate that every room must be monitored...even the bathroom?"


Dan's face scowled. "I still don’t agree with that."


The woman spun around and fixed the man with her eyes. "I didn't ask if you agreed only that you followed my orders."


"Look, I was about to retire when you called me for this job. If you don"t want my input then I see no reason to stay."


Parker ignored the man’s comment. She knew there was no way he'd leave. Once again, she watched the warehouse and the monitor where a new blip appeared. When the white Element pulled up to the bay door, she gritted her teeth. "How apropos...virginal white for the nun," she said as the vehicle disappeared into the building.


Dan joined the woman who was now standing in front of a monitor. He watched as the woman in question got out of the car and joined Santos who greeted her with a hug. "Are they lovers?" he asked.




"How do you know that?"


The woman turned and looked at the man. "Olivia is many things but she has some sense of valor. She'd never defile a nun. It isn't in her nature."


Dan watched as the women on the monitor embraced tightly before they kissed in a way that wasn't chaste. "From the looks of things I'd say they are."


The woman chuckled. "Olivia was out whoring three times this week. If they're lovers the nun isn't satisfying her."


"Hard to believe. The Santos I know always takes what she wants."


"Not this time."


"Do you think she knows about the cameras?"


"Santos has gone soft since she left the company and taken up with that woman. She still thinks she has the most up to date security." The woman laughed. "She only has what we want her to have. We can breech her security at anytime."


For two years, Parker worked through a multitude of scenarios to come up with the best way to bring the woman back into the fold. After Olivia killed the DA, a covert government agency known as the Department Of Covert Operations recruited her. No one ever walked away from DOCO and that included Olivia Santos.


For Parker, the mission was personal. She'd lost track of Olivia after her arrest and spent years looking for her. Once she found that Olivia was working for DOCO, Parker joined the organization. Olivia blamed her arrest on her lover and refused to have anything to do with Parker after that so Parker shadowed Olivia until an opportunity arose that allowed Parker to reunite with the woman she loved. As it turned out, it was necessary for Parker to fake her death. Once her plan worked, she would reveal herself to Olivia so they could be together forever.


"All we need to do is plant the smallest doubt in her little friend there. She will fill in all the holes and then walk away. Once that happens, Olivia will be ours."


Dan's phone rang and when he completed the call he said, "Everything is in place."


A peel of devilish laughter echoed around the room. The woman in front of the plasma screen trailed her fingers over the outline of Olivia Santos. "Now the game begins."


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