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Terry's 2012 Reviews

My name is Terry and Affinity is hosting this page for my reviews of stories from Indie publications and small publishers. This page does not reflect any opinion of the Affinity Management and is my personal opinion only. If you are an indie author and want me to review your book and have it posted on this site and acknowledged in the Affinity monthly newsletter please contact me at this email address. :


December Reviews:

The Assassin's Bargain by BL Newport

When The River Flows Out Of It's Bed by Gaelle Cathy

All That Glitters by Ashley Quinn

Devan's Story: Blue Hydrangeas by JJ Wallingford

After Mrs. Hamilton by Clare Ashton

Listen To Her Heart by Trin Denise

Executive Disclosure by Isabella

Affinity and Friends put the X Back in X-Mas

Caution: Under Construction by TJ Vertigo


November Reviews:

Armchair Detective by Kelli Jae Baeli.

Also Known As by Kelli Jae Baeli

Changing Shape by Kathleen Wheeler

Something So Grand by Lynn Galli

Sullivan's Trace by Ali Spooner

Almost Heaven by Susan X. Meagher

The Blondness of Homey by T.T. Thomas

Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva

Taming The Wolff by Del Robertson




Fate Vs. Destiny by Graysen Morgan

Submerged by Graysen Morgan

Venus Rising by Ali Spooner

Neptune's Rising by Ali Spooner

Sweet Nod by Tammy Whaley

Out on the Panhandle by R.E. Bradshaw

Family Jewels by Kate Christie

Rayne Comes to Town by Dannie Marsden




September Reviews:

Reapers Inc Dark Souls by B.L Newport

Reapers Inc The Hunter by B.L Newport

Being the Steel Drum by Liz Bradbury

A Hotter State by Harper Bliss

As You Were by Kelli Jae Baeli

Summertime (No Man's Land) by Tiffany Sapphire

Forbidden Passion by Ruth Gogoll

Instigations by Kiki Archer

A Guardian's Love by Stein Willard


August Reviews:

The Killing Ground by Syd Parker

Fractured by Erin O'Reilly

Natural Instinct by Graysen Morgen

Just Me by Graysen Morgen

The Fern Witches Series by Joanna MacOwl

Serial Justice by Tammy Whaley

Building Character by Kate Genet

Angel Food and Devil Dogs by Liz Bradbury

Reapers Inc Brigit's Crossing by B.L Newport

Reapers Inc Rogue Reaper by B.L Newport


July Reviews:

Earthbound by JM Dragon and Erin O'Reilly

Shadow Falls by Kate Genet

Silent Light by Kate Genet

Sweet Charlotte by Kate Genet

The Ripper's daughter by Anders and Phair

Dante's Awakening by Devon Marshall


Intrigued by First Sight by Erin Miller

For Now, Forever by Trin Denise


June Reviews:

An Affair of Love by S. Anne Gardner

But She's My Student by Kiki Archer

Minus One: A Twelve Step Journey by Bridget Bufford

Flowers from Iraq by Sunny Alexander

Sunkissed by Freya Publications

Secluded Heart by Graysen Morgen

Gay Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Kate Christie

Falling Snow by Graysen Morgen

Falling Colours by R.J Samuel


May Reviews:

The Lost Resort by Toni James

Crossing the Line by Toni James

Holding On To Faith by Joy Argento

Orange Moon by Kate Genet

A Fighting Chance by Barb Wolfe

Switch by Q. Kelly

Sapphic Planet by Beth Wylde

American Yakuza by Isabella


April Reviews:

Molly: House on Fire by RE Bradshaw 

Defying Gravity by Barrett

Worth Dying For by Trin Denise

Remnant by Kate Genet

Tighter, Tighter by Lynn Kear

Circus by JM Dragon

She Left Me Breathless by Trin Denise


March Reviews:

L as in Love Book 3 by Ruth Gogoll

L as in Love Book 4 by Ruth Gogoll

How To Wrangle A Woman by Susan X. Meagher

Twist of Fate by Syd Parker



February Reviews:

Dust by Ann McMan

All in the Family by Q. Kelly

Third be Q. Kelly

Lunatic Fringe by Allison Moon

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel

Pennance by Clare Ashton

Come and Go by Lee Harlem

A Guardian's Touch by Stein Willard


January Reviews:

L as in Love book I by Ruth Gogoll

L as in Love book II by Ruth Gogoll

The Fix-it Girl by JM Dragon 

Atonement by JM Dragon & Erin O'Reilly

Threaded Through Time book II by Sarah Ettritch

Taxi to Paris by Ruth Gogoll

Doublecrossed by Susan Meagher

Dead Ahead by Jen Wright


December Reviews:

Immediate Possession by Syd Parker

Ruth Gogoll's Christmas Carol by Ruth Gogoll

Secrets of the Heart by Syd Parker

Love's Abiding Spirit by Syd Parker

Cherry Grove by Susan X. Meagher

A Fall to New Heights by Sidney Andrews

A Walk in the Rain by Alison Barnard

Before it Stains by R.E. Bradshaw



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