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Caution: Under Construction by T.J Vertigo

Painfully shy, thirty five year old Keefer Gibson has just about had enough of her life with her lover Danni. She’s not in love with her and she’s sure she’s been cheating on her. Keefer has made a big decision, little does she know that her life will be changed because of it forever.


Thirty one year old construction worker, Sheridan Landers is a player. She can and does have almost any woman she wants. She’s proud of her reputation as the club slut.


When building inspector Keefer meets Sheridan at her construction site for the first time, she just can’t get her out of her mind. She has no way of knowing she’s been constantly on Sheridan’s mind too.


The next time Keefer and Sheridan meet sparks begin to fly. One thing leads to another and Keefer and Sheridan begin to spend a lot of time together. The thing both women don’t bargain for is falling in love. Will they be left alone by Keefer’s ex lover Danni to pursue their friendship? Will either woman admit to her feelings?




This is a long and extremely well written book. I loved the story and the characters so much that I was quite upset when it ended.


The story features two women so different, they are like chalk and cheese. At first it appears that the only thing Keefer and Sheridan have in common is their love of dogs. Keefer is really shy, she hasn’t had much experience of being in a stable relationship. Her relationship with Danni was mentally abusive. Keefer was made to feel worthless and is an introvert. Sheridan has had so many women, but never been in a stable relationship either, she’s the club stud and is an extrovert in the extreme. Neither Keefer or Sheridan has been in love before and the possibility to each woman that she may now be in love is strange. It takes both women quite some time to come to terms with it.


From Keefer and Sheridan’s first meeting, both women knew they felt something for the other. When Sheridan finds out that Keefer has issues and problems, it brings out her protective side. Sheridan would normally have walked away at the first signs of any problems, but she finds she can’t, not when it’s Keefer that’s hurting. Gradually Sheridan gets Keefer to loosen up and come out of her shell. It’s a pleasure to watch Keefer begin to blossom and put aside her inhibitions.


Both Keefer and Sheridan are loveable characters, very easy to get to know and love. Tall, dark and gorgeous Keefer and petite, soft butch, blonde Sheridan, what’s not to love? Both are multidimensional and interact well with the rest of the closely knit group of Sheridan’s friends and family. Each character plays an important part in progressing the story forward. Even the dogs play their parts to perfection. Of course, not all characters are loveable, Danni certainly isn’t, but she is essential to the story. Without Danni, Keefer and Sheridan may never have got together.


The story is written with a terrific sense of humor. Real laugh out loud fun. This helps to lighten up some of the more tense moments in the story.


True to a great romance, there is sex, lots and lots of red hot steaming encounters to warm up a cold winters day. All tastefully written and in context with the story. The epitome of a delightful romance. This book however, is more than just a run of the mill romance. The story covers lots of issues, sexual problems, mental cruelty, stalking, a slow to learn family member, as well as the lighter side of a new ‘getting to know one another relationship’.


This is going on my re-read pile and will definitely be due another read soon.


I’ve read a few of TJ Vertigo’s earlier works and really enjoyed them. I’m so pleased to see that they are going to be re-published. TJ is a fantastic writer and I’m hoping she’s going to be writing some new books for our pleasure soon.


At first glance, the price of this book may seem a lot, ($16.99 print) but it is a very long book, 650 pages, and such a lovely story, that I’d be willing to pay this and more. It’s still a lot cheaper than some lesfic on the market, that only have half the pages.


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