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Journey to Her Heart-Sample


Our Story: A Hidden Love

I see you standing there

Motioning me with your eyes

They tell a sad, sad story

A story of love abandoned

And of heartache you cannot ignore

I long to fill the void

And comfort you with my strength

I?ll give you all the love you need

And passion to last a lifetime

You walk beside me, your hand in mine

Your beauty it glows upon us


A Vision of Beauty

Walking along the beach, I see a vision. She radiates with beauty, her hair blowing in the cool breeze as she twirls around. I catch her eye and she comes to me, such a beautiful smile. She reaches out to me and touches my face. The love in her eyes is so intense. We move our bodies closer until they barely touch. She kisses me with gentleness. I smile and a tear forms in her eye, I catch it with my finger. She brings it to her mouth, tasting it. It causes my passion to rise. She cups my face and looks into my eyes, so beautiful are hers. We bring our lips together, conveying our need to each other.

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