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Circus by J.M Dragon


Rita Collins had all but given up any chances of making a life for herself. After the death of her parents, she put all her energy in to helping her younger sister, Angel, to bring up her seven year old son, Charlie. Rita is an accountant and when the local mill closed down, she found herself out of a job. There isn't many job opportunities around, so when she sees a flyer advertising for an accountant, she quickly arranges an interview. Rita had no idea that the job is with Garmancelli's circus, or that if she takes it, she will have to travel around. She returns home despondent, resigning herself to not accepting the job if it's offered. She can't abandon Angel and Charlie.


However, Angel has life changing news for Rita, she's going to marry Charlie's father. Free of her obligations, Rita accepts the job and joins the circus.


Neve Garmancelli, circus owner, has spent the twenty years since her father's death working year round, all hours, just to keep the circus afloat. She gave up her own career as a top notch trapeze artist to do this. She leads a very lonely existence.


After her uncle died, she found herself unable to manage the circus accounts and gave her brother, Lorenzo, the task of finding an accountant.


When Rita and Neve meet, there is no love lost between them. But as time passes, the two women form a tentative friendship. When Rita begins to delve into the accounts, she finds evidence of fraud and family betrayal. She has to impart this knowledge to Neve, knowing that it will cause her heart break and distress.


Will Neve trust Rita enough to accept her findings? What will happen to the circus now? Adding into this is the turmoil Rita is feeling regarding her growing attraction towards Neve. Rita knows that Neve is a lesbian, but she has never felt attracted to a woman before. What is happening to her? Neve herself is struggling with her own feelings towards the straight, untouchable Rita. What if anything, will happen between Rita and Neve?






As with all books I've read by J.M Dragon, I was into the story from the first page. The 'story-line' in this book certainly had me hooked, I found it very hard to put the book down and was very sorry to come to the end of the book.


JM Dragon's writing as always is excellent. The interaction between Rita and Neve made me want to read much more about them. The setting for the story is brilliant. All the fun of behind the scenes of the circus and much more. Plus the added bonus of the supporting cast of characters. All very believable and enjoyable. I would love to read more of Rita and Neve's lives. A sequel would be great. I eagerly look forward to more books from J.M Dragon.


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