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Revelations Chapter 1

The woman's booted foot hit the gritty, greasy garage floor as she walked inside Baroni's Auto Emporium. The acrid smell of petroleum products filled her nose and burned her eyes. Her blue eyes scanned the area as she noted all exits and where each mechanic stood. It was risky coming there, but she had no choice. She made certain she knew all her options for escape.


Her feet crunched across the gritty concrete floor until she arrived at a wooden door adorned with a glass panel inscribed with Office. She cautiously knocked.


The door flung open and she saw a rather large, dark man. From behind him, she heard a voice say, "You're late."


"Hmm, sorry, there was an accident that held up traffic. " The woman squinted past the big man as her eyes rested on an older man sitting at a worn wooden desk.


"I'm not interested in excuses, only results. " His chair emitted a loud screech as it scraped on the floor. Rapidly, he came at the woman. "I'd better not hear any more excuses from you. When I give an order, I expect you to follow them exactly as I say. No excuses! "


"What do you need my services for? "


The older man turned to the desk, picked up a large envelope, came back around, and shoved it in the direction of the woman. "All you need is in here. "


The woman took the envelope and turned it over, then held it as if she were weighing it. "What about my money? "


Cold hard eyes looked at her. "There is enough there for any equipment you need and the number of a Cayman Island account with partial payment. You'll receive the balance when you deliver the woman to me dead or alive. "


"I draw the line at murder. "


The man grabbed her arm and squeezed. "Listen, bitch, I don't give a fuck where you draw the line. You'll do as you're told. "


She struggled, but the man held his grip. "If you want me to do this, it'll be on my terms. "


He squeezed tighter and pulled her closer as his hot cigar-laced breath assaulted her nostrils. His voice dropped. "If you want to live, you'll bring that woman to me. Is that clear? "


Her eyes held steady as her body stiffened. "Quite clear. "


He released her before shoving her backward so forcefully that she hit the wall. His snarling words traveled to her as if lashing out from his jabbing finger. "Good. Fuck with her anyway you want, just bring her to me! "


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