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Affinity's Valentine Collection-Chapter 1

Night of Harts

“Yo, sis, ya home.” I shouted from the entry as I shrugged my wet jacket off before heading for the kitchen and the fridge where I knew I’d find a nice cold beer.”

“Yes, and haven’t you ever heard of knocking” my twin sister, Tracy replied. She met me coming out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a towel.

“Na, why should I…you’ll always let me in,” I replied as I winked and laughed at her rolling eyes. “Whatcha doin?” I asked, as I headed straight for the fridge. It was then I noticed the feet sticking out from under the sink. “What’s up Wade?” I got what I assume was a grumbled reply about the crap girls let go down the disposal.

“What brings you by Casey?” Tracy asked.

“Nothing, just thought I’d stop in and see how you’re doing. I know you normally don’t fare well on this day.

“I’m fine, you can stop worrying about me you know,” my sis said.

I saw her blue eyes clouding over with pain.

“So how was work?” Tracy asked.

“Work was work, don’t change the subject.”

“I’m fine. You don’t have to keep checking in on me just because it’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Good then, how about we go out know a night on the town; Swaggers is a great place. Think about it...the Hart sisters out and about on the night of hearts. We can find a couple of willing bodies and have a hell of a lot of fun, what do you say?” I watched her face go from no expression to full on fear.

“Uh, no, that’s fine; you go ahead and go have fun. That’s more your scene than it is mine,” Tracy answered.

We may be identical in looks but that is where it ends. My baby sister is kinda reserved. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she is a lot of fun to be around, but she isn’t...well rather hasn’t, been very trusting since that asshole Trey took off with that tramp Sue. Hell, had she let me, I would solve the entire problem of divorce with my 357 and rid the earth of a worm like Trey. Anyway, Tracy has some major issues with her self-confidence. I keep telling her she is beautiful and is any man’s dream but she doesn’t listen, she says since I’m her sister I’m biased. God, I could kill that asshole for doing that to her.

Tracy shook her head. “I don’t think so. You go, it’s more your scene than mine. Have a good time and call me tomorrow and fill me in on all the fun.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day and a Friday night for crying out loud,” I found myself saying in exasperation. “You can’t stay home. Geez, it’s been seven years, come on you have to start living again. And you might find the love of your life just waiting for you.”

“I doubt it.” Tracy shook her head. “It’s just not that simple.

I put the bottle of beer on the counter and waited for her to continue.

“We’re too old to be looking for love in a bar, Casey.”

Wade, who had pulled himself out from under the sink, looked at us. “Hey, does that sentiment apply to men too.”

Tracy grinned and pointed her finger at him. “You’re younger than me.”

“Two years is all.” Wade picked up the towel Tracy had tossed him and wiped his hands. “I don’t think I’m over-the-hill yet.”

“Yeah well look at you.” My sis gestured at his fit body and handsome face with her hand.

Day of Harts

“You didn’t have to come over, Wade.” Tracy smiled at her hunky, ever-handy neighbor as he grimaced at her sink. “I could have called a plumber.”

“If you’d stop putting potato peels, or whatever the hell that is, down the disposal you wouldn’t need me or a plumber.” His deep voice resonated through her with the sound of humor laced within the sarcasm. “It won’t take long. You’ve already cleaned out most the gunk.”

“Still,” Tracy blushed slightly and shook her head. “It’s Friday afternoon and Valentine’s Day on top of that. I don't want to interfere with your plans. This can wait.”

“I don’t mind.”

No, she thought as Wade opened the heavy toolbox he’d set on her kitchen floor, he never minded giving her a hand with repairs or helping out with a problem. He was just that type of man. Plus, he seemed to enjoy tinkering around with things. And not just with minor home repairs either. He liked to build things. He was constantly in his little workshop that sat adjacent to their shared fence in the back yard, hammering, sawing, or whatever. He was very handy indeed, and not to mention the fact that he was tall, muscular and handsome, Wade was a woman’s dream come true. Tracy often wondered why he hadn’t remarried by now.

“So, are you a grandpa yet?” Tracy asked as Wade hunkered down on the floor and shone a flashlight at the rotten machine that dared to choke, spit and die on her only an hour earlier.

“Two more weeks,” Wade grunted as he sat on his butt and laid back, twisting and turning until he worked his head and shoulders into the narrow opening. “I can hardly wait. Shelby’s more than ready. She’s at the ‘I’m a beached whale and I’ll never see my feet again’ stage. Kurt is all but beating his head against the wall trying to be loving and supportive one minute and dodging tears and insults the next.”

“I’ll bet.” She laughed as she pictured Wade’s beautiful, oldest daughter with her feisty attitude and pixie face. “Have they picked out names yet?”

“Nope.” Wade muttered something unintelligible, and then let out what sounded to Tracy like a growl as he strained with the pipe wrench. “They’re waiting until the little tyke is born. But if it’s a girl they’re thinking of making her middle name Linda.”

“Aw. That’s nice.” Tracy leaned back against the counter, recalling a photo she’d seen of his wife taken not long before she died. Shelby looked so much like her mother Tracy wondered if it was a blessing or a heartache for Wade. Probably some of both, she imagined. “You’re wife would have liked that.”

“I think so.” He paused a minute, and then snorted out a laugh. “Why the hell do you have a dryer sheet taped to the bottom of the sink in here?”

“I keep my trash can in there. They smell better than those air fresheners that you stick to the wall.” Tracy jutted out her chin in defiance, even though Wade couldn’t see her with this head buried inside the cabinet.

“Huh,” Wade muttered, admitting to himself that she was right. He’d have to try it out himself.

“Is there anything I can do?” Tracy asked as she leaned over and tried to peer inside the cabinet. All she could see was Wade’s chest in his skintight tee shirt and his forearms.

“Yes, get out of the light.” Wade grinned to himself when she laughed, then he shifted his eyes to catch a glimpse of
Tracy’s chest before she stood. The woman had a damn decent body for her age. And being a guy, he took every opportunity he could to give it the visual once over.

“So,” Wade cleared his throat as he separated the fitting from the pipe. “Have you got any Valentine’s plans?”

Afternoon Delight

Karley Hampton stretched out on her comfortable couch and threw a light blanket over her body even though the temperature was in the high seventies. The night before had been particularly restless, the morning frustrating and finally exhaustion had caught up with her. She closed her eyelids slowly as her mind began to waft in and out of consciousness with visions of cold running water lapping in her darkened sight.

Ding dong, ding dong, the annoying door chime screamed into the quiet room.

“Shit!” Karley’s eyes widened. “Who the hell is that?” She tried to get up only to find her feet entangled in the blanket. Falling back on the couch with a thud, she called out loudly, “I’m coming!” then softly grumbled, “this better not be some neighborhood kids selling cookies or candy or wrapping paper!”
Flinging the door open she said, “Yeah,” only to be surprised to see a little old white haired main standing there with a bouquet of flowers almost as big as he was.”

“Here you go,” he said foisting them towards Karley.”

Karley was so shocked that she couldn’t eek out a word before the man turned and began departing. “Wait, let me get you something,” she finally blurted out. But, the man apparently didn”t hear her as he continued without acknowledging her.”

She softly closed the door holding the bouquet close to her while inhaling in their fragrance. Stopping, she took the card from the middle of the flowers, opened it and read the note. Surrender. She broke out in laughter, walked into the kitchen, and placed the vase down on the white tile counter. “You are such a charmer, Maddie, and subtle too.”

A smile still graced her face as she picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number. “Hey, guess what just arrived on my doorstep?”

“Hmm is it bigger than a breadbox?”


“Is it in the kitchen now?”


“Ah, then it must be that television you wanted in there.”

“Nooooo, silly, it isn’t a TV. Guess if you don’t know then I must have a secret admirer.”

Maddie laughed heartily, “Are you pleased?”

“Well, my dear, it depends on what this message means. Surrender…just what does that entail?”

“Good question, but one which I will have to answer later.”

“Oh, you’re not alone.”

“Not at the moment.”

“Guess this wouldn’t be a good time to tell you I am nekkid and needy and want you to satisfy my every desire.”
Her voice took on a predatory tone as she let out a slight growl.

Karley knew Maddie was well versed in the game they played when her colleagues were in her office. She heard Maddie take a big gulp of air and knew she was becoming aroused.

“No it wouldn’t.”

“But, I can try, right?”

“Most definitely…give it your best shot.”

“You mean give you my best shot don’t you?”

“Ah uh.”

“Lover, if I remember correctly I gave you several of my best shots already this morning. Have you forgotten so soon?” Karley loved playing this game with her lover.

“Did you now…hmm, I don’t really remember. Can you refresh my mind, please?”

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