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Charlene Neil

Charlene Neil resides with her children in Cape Town, South Africa.
As a child she always had a wild imagination, and she sometimes still finds her mind in a parallel universe. Charlene loved to write poetry in school, and she also wrote a few songs for her music band when she was in high school. The band was just a rebel phase however, and luckily she soon returned to reality.
Currently, Charlene is working as a specialized case manager for a medical company. In her free time she loves to hike, read and spend time with her three children. She however lives to write. Once she starts, she finds that she can’t stop.
Her first novel, “The Prodigins”, was published by a South African publisher, Memories SA. It is a fantasy novel with the young reader in mind.
Charlene’s passion however lies with romance, and her interest in the Paranormal was inspired by events that happened to her in her life. The Presence is based on actual experiences.
Charlene is currently working on her third novel, which she is hoping to finish by the end of 2015.
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