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Alane Hotchkin

Alane Hotchkin; If anyone knows where the birthplace of oil is in North America you will know exactly where I am talking about. I was born in Oil City, PA and later lived in Pittsburgh. You say do not know where Oil City is. Well imagine a tiny town population “two” directly between Pittsburgh & Erie, PA. I grew up with family always around (mostly male) and all with wicked senses of humor. My one cousin one day decided to see if his father’s (my uncle) car would float in the retention pond.

Okay, so now you also know where I got my sense of humor. My earliest childhood memory is driving to the store with my favorite uncle to buy his cigarettes & booze in his HUGE Cadillac with the top down, while listening to an eight track of Dolly Pardon’s Coat of Many Colors and so a little girl’s education was started. LOL

Side Note: Finally in 2005 I had to admit to myself and unwillingly to others that well….I’m a country hick even though all my life I tried to be a city girl. LOL

Went to college and majored in Accounting/Business Law/Economic Engineering and guess what, I ended up in the accounting field. Now tell me, how many people actually end up working in the field they studied for? The accounting let on to working at a bookstore for five years, a local television station for ten years and then onto where I am now. What can I say, I love numbers.

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